July 12, 2014

Cetinje: Statehood Day of Montenegro
On the occasion of July 13, Statehood Day, the President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović hosted an official reception in Blue Palace in Cetinje.

The reception was attended by a great number of invitees, representatives of political, scientific, cultural, economic, public and sports life of Montenegro, as well as national heroes and former state officials.

The representatives of diplomatic corps and high representatives of international organizations and institutions were also present.

The following is the text of the speech given by the President:

Dear citizens of Montenegro,
Dear citizens of the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje,
Distinguished State and Local-Government Officials,
Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

There are many important and great dates in our centuries-long history that we all have been rightly proud of. And each date is a symbol of fight for and defence of freedom and humanity. However, July 13th, our Statehood Day, holiday of all our citizen, surpasses each of them and deserves the widest respect.

The first July 13th, back in 1878, when independence of Montenegro was recognized at the Berlin Congress, lifted Montenegro to the heights, placing it among other free European states and nations. The second July 13th, back in 1941, was the date when the citizens of Montenegro, in the great anti-fascist uprising, massively and determinedly, beyond all ideological and social boundaries, said "NO" to the fascism and subjection, thus eternally and widely celebrating freedom-loving spirit of Montenegro, in the then occupied Europe. more
June 25, 2014

Romania: Address by President Vujanović at the SEECP Summit
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović held speech today at the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the South East European Cooperation Process.

Address by President Vujanović :

Your Excellencies,
Dear friends,

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to our host, President Băsescu for the warm welcome and excellent organization of the Summit.

Montenegro strongly supports all regional processes and it has been fully committed to the improvement of good cooperation with the neighbouring countries and the region. In this context, the South East Cooperation Process has a special value, not only for its contributions to the stability and cooperation in the region, but also for its important role in wider integrations.

The SEECP has been successfully promoting values of each country in the region for already 18 years now, representing a political forum in the interest of dialogue, mutual understanding and progress in the integration processes of the South East European countries that have been in these processes.

As an important regional mechanism, the SEECP will continue to assist us in finding the solution for open issues. Democratic ambiance of the region is such that value of the political dialogue in solving open issues is a clear and permanent commitment. In this dialogue, the role of regional initiatives and organizations is of paramount importance. more
June 20, 2014

President Vujanović Speaks at the First Session of Crans Montana Forum
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović delivered today a speech at the first plenary session of the Crans Montana Forum – “Peace and Development in the Mediterranean: Improving Cooperation and Building a Better World”.

The following is the text of the speech delivered by President Vujanović:

Your Excellenices,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure to be with you today here in Rabat and to take part in the Crans Montana Forum once again. The Forum has been a valued gathering of the decision-makers for the last 25 years, promoting ideas for a more humane and fair world. I believe that this session will also be fruitful, as always.
Montenegro is a country that reflects the diversity of the region it belongs to - the Mediterranean. I proudly say that Montenegro is a place where people of different religions and ethnic background live in harmony for centuries. This harmony was preserved even in times of war conflicts in the Balkans 20 years ago. more
June 20, 2014

Morocco: President of Montenegro at Crans Montana Forum
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović participates in the Crans Montana Forum which takes place in Rabat, Morocco, from 19 to 22 June, under the patronage of King Mohammed VI.

The Forum is devoted to peace and development in the Mediterranean and improving cooperation in this Region.

President Vujanović delivered a speech at the opening of the Forum.

The following is the text of the keynote speech by President Vujanović:

Your Excellencies,
Distinguished co-chairs,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure for me to take part in the 25th annual session of the Crans Montana Forum, which takes place under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI at the ISESCO headquarters here in Rabat. I am proud to be a part of it for so many years now and I am especially grateful to the organizers for inviting me to celebrate together this remarkable anniversary. I would also like to express my highest appreciation to the host for the excellent organization and warm welcome.

It is almost 30 years of a successful mission of the Crans Montana Forum in connecting people and nations and contributing to a more human and impartial world, together with its institutional partners such as the UN, UNESCO, UNIDO, ISESCO, NATO, the European Union, the Council of Europe and major international Groups. Therefore, ambassador Jean Paul Carteron, certainly, deserves special appreciation and respect for his commitment and devotion. more
May 30, 2014

Budva, President of Montenegro Opens the 39th EPRA Meeting
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović opened tonight the 39th EPRA meeting in Budva.

The following is the text of the speech by the President:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Development of every field has a historical significance. Since Volujica, in 1904, and the development of the first radio-telegraphic station in this part of Europe until today, the history of Montenegro’s scientific and technological era has been written, always trying, even in this way, to develop its connections with the world. Today, 110 years later, Montenegro as a sovereign country is committed to European and Euro-Atlantic integration, firmly believing in all fundamental principles of democracy and freedom.

Considering the territory and the number of citizens, Montenegro is among the countries with the largest number of electronic media in Europe. Now more than ever, they are playing a key role in our society and, because of their influence on the public, they are of vital importance for the democratic processes in Montenegro. New media legislation has provided them with an independent status, guaranteed by the law, independent sources of funding, but also made them directly responsible to the public, i.e. citizens, as defined by the law. Consequently, they assumed great responsibility to harmonize the freedom of expression with the highest European standards. The state of Montenegro has been continuously supporting this difficult transition process, but it cannot and should not be the only guarantee of media freedom. Therefore, by accepting professional standards and establishing self-regulatory bodies, electronic media must support this process of democratization, guaranteeing the protection of citizens’ freedom and rights in this field at the level defined by international documents on human rights. more
March 25, 2014

Opening of the EU Info Center in Podgorica
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović and Eduard Kukan, Chair of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with the Western Balkans and Dirk Lange, Head of the EC Unit for Montenegro, opened the EU Info Centre today in Podgorica.

Speech delivered by the President:

Esteemed Mr. Kukan,
Mr. Lange,
Ambassador Drobnič,
Mr. Picula,
Your Excellencies,
President of the Supreme Court,
Governor of the Central Bank,
Esteemed High Dignitaries,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mr. Kukan said everything that was to be said about the Center. WeČve heard all that was to be said about MontenegroČs European path. I am grateful for what he said about the Center and MontenegroČs European path. Respecting his words and respecting your time, I will just express gratitude that needs to be conveyed on this great occasion. First of all, thanks to the EU for helping to accelerate the negotiations of Montenegro for membership in the EU through this Centre. We are very satisfied with our pace so far. We opened and provisionally closed Chapters 25 and 26 relating to science and research, education and culture, and gave an opportunity to our institutions and organizations, and those who work in them, to get closer to the EU in sharing these great values in important areas of creativity. WeČve gotten the opportunity for our citizens who work in these areas of activity to achieve all the benefits of opening these two chapters. To have the opportunity to share their experiences, have the opportunity to receive financial support for their projects, to have an opportunity for new insights, in a word - to be a part of a large family in the fields of science, culture, research and education. Here they will be able to obtain information about all of that and to be present in these important fields of activity in the EU. more
March 10, 2014

President Vujanović and UN DSG Jan Eliasson Open UN Eco Building in Podgorica
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović and Jan Eliasson, UN Deputy Secretary-General, opened the Eco Building of the United Nations, today in Podgorica.

The following is the text of the speech given by President Vujanović:

Esteemed Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Jan Eliasson,
Representatives of the United Nations,
High State Dignitaries,
Invitees of Podgorica,
Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to share with you pleasure over the completion of Eco Building of the United Nations, which is in many ways unique. It is unique because this is the only eco building in Southeast Europe that housed all United Nations agencies. They are housed in a way that will ensure their maximum communication, cooperativeness and efficient work and achievement of a valuable goal of the United Nations agencies to deliver as one.

It is unique also for meeting all environmental and energy requirements of full self-sufficiency of this building. It will be self-sufficient in energy and generate electricity whose excess will make a part of our energy system, its compensation being invested in the Centre for Sustainable Development of UNDP that will be committed to green projects of Montenegro. more
December 31, 2013

President of Montenegro Congratulates the New Year Holidays
Citizens of Montenegro,

We are at the end of 2013th. The year will be remembered by jubilees, integration and investment successes and realistic expectation that years to come would be better.

This year we marked two centuries of birth of Petar II Petrović Njegoš. The great man whose poetry, anthropology, philosophy and overall depth of knowledge of life and permanent messages became a value of the mankind heritage. The two centuries of pride for the eternal value of Montenegro and all of its generations. Seven decades anniversary of the State Anti-fascist Council of the National Deliberation of Montenegro and Boka, by which begun renewal of unjustly deprived statehood of Montenegro, as well as triumph of antifascism of Montenegro were also marked. more
December 17, 2013

Baku: President Vujanović at the Conference on Gas Pipeline
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović participated today in Baku in the conference, at which final decision was made on investment of the project Shah Deniz 2. Conference was opened by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, who stated great significance of the gas pipeline for all the states involved in the project.

The President’s address reads as follows:

Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure to be present at today’s signing of the Memorandum of Understanding relating to cooperation in bringing Southern Corridor gas to the South East Europe. This Corridor, which provides supply of gas from Azerbaijan, is very important for Montenegro from a strategic, energy and overall economy point of view. I would like to point out only main reasons for this opinion.

By becoming a part of this large gas corridor, Montenegro will ensure a long-term energy stability through a highly reliable supplier. more
December 02, 2013

Budva, President Vujanović at the session of the National Council
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović, who is the President of the National Council for Sustainable Development and Climate Change, presided over the constitutive session of the new composition of the Council.

The President’s address reads as follows:

Esteemed Excellencies,
Commissioner Potočnik,
Respected Members of the National Council,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Expressing my belief in the full commitment of the members of the National Council for Sustainable Development and Climate Change to achievement of the important mission of the Council, allow me to thank to the former council for their valuable achievements.

Montenegro constitutionally established its commitment to sustainable development more than two decades ago. Significant accomplishments are achievements in setting up an institutional network of sustainable development of Montenegro. After the Second World Summit on Sustainable Development, which was held in Johannesburg in 2002, the National Council for Sustainable Development was founded as an advisory body in the Government of Montenegro. Office for Sustainable Development was founded in 2005 as Secretariat of the Council, which was integrated in 2011 in the newly-established Ministry of Tourism and Sustainable Development as Department for Support to the National Council. By the implemented reform of the National Council in 2008 number of members of the Council was reduced, independent persons were involved, forming of working groups as well as local councils of sustainable development was enabled. more
November 29, 2013

President of Montenegro in Kolašin
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović, who is a President of the Honorary Committee for celebration of 70th anniversary of the State Anti-fascist Council of the National Deliberation of Montenegro and Boka, spoke at the Ceremonial Academy which was held today in Kolašin.

Address of the President reads as follows:

Citizens of Kolašin and Montenegro,
Antifascist veterans and antifascists,
President of the Supreme Court of Montenegro, respected Mrs. Vesna Medenica,
President of the Constitutional Court of Montenegro Mr. Milan Marković,
High guests,
Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the history of any state there are events that form its eternal value, which belong to its foundations, which determined its contemporariness and towards which future time will also express permanent respect. In the history of Montenegro such events preceded the international recognition of Montenegro in the Berlin Congress in 1878 and renewal of the unjustly deprived sovereignty.

Among the events of paramount importance, which contributed to renewal of sovereignty of Montenegro, exalted place belongs to the Constituent Assembly of the State Antifascist Council of the National Deliberation of Montenegro and Boka, which was held here in Kolašin seven decades ago, in which way its permanent historical value was recognized. more
November 15, 2013

Podgorica, President Vujanović awarded with the International Foundation Prize
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović received today the Prize of the International Foundation Ilyas Afandiyev, which was presented to him by the President of the Foundation Tural Afandiyev.

The International Foundation Ilyas Afandiyev was established in 2005 in relation to the program of contribution to achievement of the UN Millennium Goals, which is dedicated to sustainable growth and projects of social value, with special involvement in the benevolence activities in all the fields.

The address of the President of the Foundation of Tural Afandiyev reads as follows:

Dear Mr. President!

Allow me to greet you and thank you on behalf of the Committee of the International Foundation Ilyas Afandiyev for the attention and hospitality you offered to us. It is our great pleasure to attend such a solemn event and to personally present you with the International Prize Ilyas Afandiyev “for contribution to development of peace and democracy”.

Modern development of Azerbaijan, enabled by the result of successful interior and foreign policy of the President Ilham Aliyev, created favorable conditions in the country to establish the Foundation, which is named after the national playwright Ilyas Afandiyev. more
November 13, 2013

President Vujanović at the Ceremony – Bicentennial of Njegoš’s Birth
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, who is the Chair of the Honorary Committee for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Petar II Petrovic Njegoš delivered a speech tonight at the ceremony, which was organized on the occasion of Bicentennial of Njegoš’s Birth, at the Montenegrin National Theatre in Podgorica .

President’s speech :

Distinguished Citizens of Montenegro,
Prime Minister,
Speaker of the Parliament,
High Dignitaries,
Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen

On this day two centuries ago, Montenegro and humanity welcomed Rade Tomov into this world, whose grandiose work is an enduring value of imperishable glory. The work strongly rooted in our individual and our collective consciousness, an indispensable treasure of our culture.

One could not even conceive back at that time that Montenegro could be the cradle of a Njegoš. Montenegro, the country of honest and brave libertarians, but confined by rigid customs, habits and prejudices that had to be educated, whose feuding tribes and their members had to be conciliated. Whose self-will and pride, in difficult years of scarcity, was supposed to be joined in the pursuit of freedom and illumination. more
November 11, 2013

Cetinje: President of Montenegro Presents Njegoš Award
The President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, solemnly presented the Njegoš Award to Mr. Tomaž Šalamun.

The solemn presentation of the Njegoš Award took place tonight in the Government House in Cetinje.

The following is the text of the speech of the President.

Mr. Šalamun,
Speaker of the Parliament, Ministers,
High dignitaries and Esteemed Guests,
Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Njegoš Award, a prestigious recognition of regional literary contemporariness, a mirror of literary work, has supranational significance which exceeds the established linguistic determinants, confirming general literary values. This award is embodiment of Njegoš mission on South Slavic coexistence with strong regional intercultural connections. It is awarded every two years to the author of works published in the Montenegrin, Serbian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Croatian, Bosnian, Bulgarian and Albanian languages. Naturally, this award is rightly considered the regional literary Nobel. Therefore, all the greats have the honor to have their names permanently joined the society, in which are Lalić, Krleža, Selimović, Davičo, Pekić, Kovač… more


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