July 05, 2012

Sarajevo, President Vujanović presented with the award “Personality of the Region 2012”
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović has been awarded tonight at the ceremony in Sarajevo with “Golden Plaque” as “Personality of the region 2012” by the Agency for Election of the Best Managers and Entrepreneurs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, South-East and Central Europe.

Director of the Agency Pane Skrbić emphasized that much credit goes to the President Vujanović for creation of positive climate for cooperation and friendship of the countries in the region, what opened and marked new paths for strengthening of the regional economic development, cooperation and prosperity.

He pointed to the intensive efforts made by the President Vujanović in terms of creating new room for cooperation, friendship and development which would make basis for the future and business development.

Skrbić emphasized that the President Vujanović gave the preference to economy over the politics, regional economic development and cooperation, as he was aware of the fact that only strong positive moves in the economy in all the states of the region and in each state respectively can take the region out of the general monotony.

“Correct pursue of politics in relation to the neighbors resulted in the fact that no unresolved inter-state issues with Montenegro, and such approach enabled Montenegro to be rapidly approaching the European Union and NATO membership”, said the President.

The President Vujanović expressed his respect to all the awarded, managers and companies, giving special importance to regional dimension of their business.

“Cooperation of companies provides for full valorization of region’s potentials and at the same time the quality development of economy of each state respectively. In that sense, regional awards represent both recognition and obligation that should encourage and stimulate others to cooperate regionally”, said the President.

The President Vujanović pointed out that Montenegro was oriented to promotion of regional cooperation and dedicated to make it more comprehensive and intensive through the inter-state agreements and concrete economic measures.

Montenegrin President invited the companies and their managers to propose quality inter-state contracts and concrete measures in order to stimulate regional cooperation along with intensive communication with the state.

Several hundreds of the most successful managers from around ten European states as well as numerous reputable representatives of political and cultural life of Sarajevo attended the ceremony of presenting the award to the President Vujanović.

The President of Croatia, Ivo Josipović was previously awarded with the Golden Plaque.

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