July 16, 2012

Podgorica, President Vujanović Receives Newly-Appointed Ambassador of Montenegro to the Republic of Slovenia
The President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, received today the newly-appointed Ambassador of Montenegro to the Republic of Slovenia, Ivan Milić, prior to his departure for Slovenia.

President Vujanović informed Ambassador Milić of the need of Montenegro to affirm and promote close relations between the two countries, through his diplomatic mission in friendly Slovenia.

Describing the Montenegrin-Slovenian relations as comprehensive and intensive, the President emphasized the need of their deepening, especially in the sphere of economic cooperation. Expressing the appreciation to the Republic of Slovenia for its support to our European and Euro-Atlantic integration, he identified this area of cooperation as inevitable in engagement of our Ambassador. He also expressed high respect to the previous Ambassador of Montenegro to the Republic of Slovenia, Ranko Milović, for a successful work in representing Montenegro and promoting cooperation on bilateral and multilateral level between the two friendly countries.

Ambassador Milić stated that he had extensive and intensive preparations, including detailed knowledge of the scope of the cooperation so far between the two friendly countries, presenting the plans of his engagement.

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