July 17, 2012

President of Montenegro in Andrijevica
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended today the Ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly of Andrijevica, which was held on the occasion of Municipality day.

First of all, I would like to congratulate the Municipality Day of Andrijevica to the citizens of Andrijevica, Councilors, President of the Municipal Assembly and President of the Municipality and to express my belief that very ambitious plans, of which the President of the Municipality informed us, would be realized and really great resources of Andrijevica would enable better quality of life in this region. I am convinced that communication between the Government and state bodies with the municipality would be good and I believe that international organizations, which support the local governance, would be strong and interest of donors from this region would be at a high level and their quality donations would contribute so that great resources of Andrijevica would be used to the maximum extent.

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