July 22, 2012

Cetinje, Meeting of the President Vujanović and Secretary General of the UN
The President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, had a meeting with the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki- moon in the Presidential Residence in Cetinje.

Expressing his satisfaction over the visit of the high dignitary and assessing it as historical, the President Vujanović expressed high respect for the principles, fundamental documents and activities of the United Nations as well as for the personal engagement of the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to promote the same. He emphasized that Montenegro was a reliable partner of the World Organization, and that its policies promoted fundamental principles of the UN and complied with the Millenium goals. He said that Montenegro was also an active factor in the peace-keeping processes, through its diplomatic engagement and direct participation in the missions in Liberia, Somalia, in Cyprus and in Afghanistan. He also pointed out the European and Euro-Atlantic integration as priorities of Montenegro as well as its policy of cooperation and friendship in the region. Expressing respect for the activities of the United Nations in Montenegro, the President informed Secretary General of the construction dynamics of the eco-building of the United Nations in Podgorica.

The Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed his high respect and gratitude for all that Montenegro had done since it gained its independence, highly appreciating its contribution to the peace-keeping process in the world as well as constructive approach to the stability of the region. Congratulating Montenegro on its successes in the European and Euro-Atlantic integration, he expressed his belief that Montenegro would succeed to realize its sustainable development and prosperity of its citizens. Giving credit to Montenegro for its continuous reception of a great number of refugees within a long period of time, Secretary General of the UN said that the UN would remain to be a partner to Montenegro in its engagement in that field. He also expressed readiness of the UN to support the Government of Montenegro in its efforts to improve the living conditions of the socially sensitive groups of population.

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