July 22, 2012

Montenegro is a reliable partner of the UN
Montenegro is a reliable partner of all the objectives of the United Nations (UN), reads the statement released following the meeting of the Montenegrin President Filip Vujanović and Secretary General of the world organization Ban Ki-moon.

Expressing his satisfaction over the visit of the Secretary General of the UN, the President Vujanović said to the journalists that it was the evidence that Montenegro proved to be a reliable partner in all the processes set by the UN as its permanent objective.

Montenegro was received in the UN on June 28, 2006 by the Acclamation of the General Assembly, after it renewed its independence at the referendum on June 21.

„Montenegro proved to be a reliable member and partner of the world organization in the past six years, by promotion of all of its goals. Montenegro will continue to be a reliable partner of the UN, dedicated to realization of all the goals, particularly the ones defined in the Millenium Program of the World Organization“, pointed out the President Vujanović.

He expressed his respect for the UN programs in Montenegro i.e. comprehensive and quality activities of its agencies, for which Montenegro decided to construct a special – eco-building in Podgorica.

President Vujanović said that he informed Ki-moon about determination of Montenegro to be further involved in all the peace-keeping missions under the auspices of the UN.

„Preservation of peace is a great mission of the UN and obligation of all the state members of the world organization, and Montenegro will take part in these missions, as it did until now, for the purpose of preserving peace and democracy“, he said, stating that these were the missions in Liberia, Somalia, Cyprus and in Afghanistan.

President Vujanović added that he informed Ki-moon of dedication of Montenegro to European and Euro-Atlantic integration as well as to good relations in the region, adding that Montenegro would persist on such politics.

Ki-moon said that contribution of Montenegro to the peace-keeping policy was significant for the entire region and commended its dedication to development of the multi-ethnic society. Secretary-General of the UN emphasized that future of Montenegro was safe, as it was a state that made progress in all the fields.

„Opening the accession negotiations with the European Union represents appreciation of the efforts and results made by Montenegro in the previous period. Montenegro constantly shows its willingness to develop good-neighborly relations“, said Ki-moon.

He said that UN would continue to be a partner to Montenegro in the field of human rights protection, refugees and and sustainable development.

„We commend the government of Montenegro for its efforts to provide for dignified life all the citizens“, emphasized the Secretary General of the UN.

He said that the UN would continue to support the Montenegrin government in its efforts to improve the living conditions of the socially sensitive groups.

„I praise the acchievements of Montenegro in the field of building multiethnical society and politically stable state“, said Ban Ki-moon.

He emphasized that he especially appreciated contribution of Montenegro in the peace-keeping missions of the UN, which were dedicated to peace preservation in the world.

„The UN is glad to have an opportunity to cooperate closely with the government of Montenegro for the purpose of further prosperity i.e. realization of the millenium goals“, said Ki-moon.

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