July 31, 2012

Podgorica, President Vujanović meets President of SNP Srdjan Milić
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović had a meeting today in Podgorica with the President of the Socialist People’s Party, Srdjan Milić.

The President of Montenegro stated that, towards the publishing the decision on the date of parliamentary elections, pursuant to the provision of Article 15, paragraph 1 of the Law on Election of Councilors and Members of Parliament, he is obliged to call for parliamentary elections on the day following the day of coming into effect of the decision of shortening the term of office. The Decision of the Parliament of Montenegro on shortening the mandate of the Parliament of Montenegro for its 14 Convocation is published in the Official Gazette of Montenegro, No 41 of 30 July 2012, so the elections must be called on 31 July 2012. He also informed that he will set the elections for Sunday, as a non-working day, as well as having in mind the time-limit of no less than 60 days and no more than 100 days, these elections may be set for 30 September, 7, 14, 21 and 28 October or 4 November 2012.

The President of the Socialist People’s Party stated that conditions have not been currently created for democratic and fair elections due to disordered register of electors, abuse of state resources in election processes and breach of the right to vote through experience of the elections in Tivat and Herceg Novi. He expressed the expectation that the President of Montenegro would submit a resignation with publishing the date of elections by which he would shorten his term of office and enable simultaneous holding of the parliamentary and presidential elections.

The President of Montenegro said that the orderliness of the registers of voters is utmost interest of the state of Montenegro and a necessary condition for democratic quality of elections convinced that the positive assessments by the international observers regarding it are a quality verification of the state of registers of voters. He expressed the belief that a full and continuous openness to the orderliness of the register of voters is a continuing obligation, and therefore all complaints related to it, should be responsibly investigated.
It is also necessary to provide full control of state resources that can be exploited in the campaign with a commitment to prevent it to the maximum extent because it is the interest of all. He pointed to the necessity of a complete update of criminal proceedings relating to the violation of the right to vote, stating that he called on the judicial bodies on this occasion also, to give a full priority to these cases and inform the public about the process and the outcome of these proceedings. With respect to the expectation of submitting his resignation, the President reiterated the publicly stated stance that feeling the responsibility towards the electors who voted for him he does not want to resign, for it would mean disrespect to the whole of the term of office to which he is elected.

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