August 18, 2012

President Vujanović Congratulated Ramazan Bayram
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, sent a congratulatory message, on the occasion of the great Islamic holiday, Ramazan Bayram, to the believers, the elders and Reis of the Islamic Religious Community in Montenegro, Mr. Rifat Fejzić.

“May the noble symbolism of deprivation brought by the sublime days of the month of Ramazan be an impetus to all those who celebrate it, to respect the fundamental human values reflected in giving, forgiving, closeness and togetherness.

We appreciate these universal spiritual and ethical values and cultivate them as a durable and eternal good of our Montenegro – its multinational and multi-confessional harmony.

In that name, I once again congratulate you most cordially the holiday of Ramazan Bayram”, reads the congratulatory message of President Vujanović.

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