September 11, 2012

Sarajevo, President Vujanović – Montenegro is Committed to Fostering of Dialogue, European Integration and Peace Promotion
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, delivered an address at the main session at the World Conference for Peace, entitled “Living Together is the Future – Religions and Cultures in Dialogue”, held in Sarajevo.

Montenegro is committed to fostering dialogue, European integration, good neighbourly cooperation and peace promotion, as important prerequisites for progress and European future of the entire region, said President Vujanović.

He pointed out to the importance of individual treatment of every state on the path of European integration, stating that anything else would be unjust and discouraging.

“For Montenegro, equally as for the other countries of the Balkans, it is very important that the EU treats this area through the individual treatment. That individual treatment provides the accomplishments regarding standards to be adequately valued by the EU, on one hand, and it encourages the Western Balkan states, motivated by the success of one state, to step up their activities regarding the EU accession, on the other hand”, emphasized President Vujanović.

He stated that the EU gave Montenegro a fair chance, which Montenegro had deserved, which belonged to it and which is valuable in regional terms.

“We are at the beginning of the accession negotiations. That beginning denotes a joint interest of both Montenegro and EU to elevate the fundamental values related to human rights, fight against organized crime and corruption and promotion and protection of the legal state, by joint vision, activities and success, to a level which is primarily an internal need of Montenegro”, said President Vujanović.

According to his words, Montenegrin society has the need to ensure the completeness of legal state and full protection of all rights for the purpose of the interior needs and harmony within Montenegro.

On the other hand, President Vujanović pointed out, that is also our obligation in the process of the EU accession and, as a society, we entirely meet that obligation.

He stated that the EU had a chance to see for itself that Montenegro oriented itself towards that goal, as a society.

“It is not a privilege of the ruling structure, it is not just an obligation of the state bodies, it is a task of the entire society - in that sense we wish to give contribution to the Balkans as a unit and in relation to the EU. We know that the Balkans has had its specificities during the history, being interesting for many empires, that the Balkans managed to preserve its state, cultural and overall identity and that in these diversities of the Balkans we should be representing the new wealth of the EU. In that sense, I am certain of the estimates that the European integration processes should be accelerated in the Western Balkans”, said President Vujanović.

He pointed out that it is very important that every state be given a real chance, to be provided with support and assistance, primarily in terms of expertise, and to thus provide for acceleration of every state towards the EU.

“The area of the Western Balkans is not an area of instability now – on the contrary. The estimate from the Balkans and the EU and the international community is that this is now a stable area and that there are no security risks in this area. But, this is not an area without problems. There are problems, they have to be solved, primarily through an internal dialogue, and the EU and the international community should encourage that dialogue and adequately respond to the success in that dialogue”, pointed out President Vujanović.

In that sense, he stated, Montenegro is a good role model.

“Within Montenegro, we are committed to dialogue among the national communities, religious groups – dialogue which will lead to a solution and which will provide for a better living quality in Montenegro. In that sense, I am assured that Brussels recognized such a state policy of Montenegro, which is constant, which is biding, primarily, for the sake of our citizens and obligations arising from the EU membership”, said the President.

He expressed gratitude to Brussels which has understood the need of Montenegro to accelerate the European integration through its activities.

“In Montenegro, there is no issue which deserved more unanimity of the public opinion than the European integration. That issue joins everyone, there are the activities which motivate everyone and I think that it is very important and that it is of vital importance that Brussels recognizes it. To accelerate our European integration by validation of our success, and not to discourage the public opinion when it comes to the Euroenthusiasm which exists in Montenegro”, said President Vujanović.

He added that he was very rejoiced to attend such an eminent gathering in Sarajevo, having the opportunity to promote the values of dialogue.

“Dialogue has always had a special value here, it has always been a necessary instrument for overcoming the internal relations and dialogue here, and in my opinion that is what the international community should stimulate”, said the Montenegrin President.

He pointed out that Montenegro has never been giving suggestions to the friends from the neighbourhood, but considered that it was up to every state to find the best model for solving the current issues on its own.

“But we consider that dialogue is required and that dialogue is the best model for solving the interior problems and that the international community should be encouraging and prompting it and appropriately validate its successes”, said President Vujanović.

President said that optimism in Sarajevo is at a higher level, undoubtedly, and that dialogue among all is what is the reality of the B&H. We have recently had a gathering in Mostar, under the auspices of the UNESCO and the Council of Europe, a great meeting promoting religious tolerance. It is evident that the religious, cultural and ethnical ties are fully promoted ant the B&H pursues the path of optimism.

“In that sense, as a neighbour which has no open issues with the B&H, but has an open room for cooperation, I am rejoiced that the Sant’Egidio Community has found a place for its gathering here and I think it was a great choice to send a great message from Sarajevo and that we sent such message to the entire international community”, pointed out the President.

Eventually, he said that in the beginning of the last century, a war started here the centennial of which is marked in order that we may have centuries of peace. In the last century, the war ended here which posed an admonishment for all so that we strive for centuries of peace.

“That is why I am very rejoiced that Sarajevo with its past is a strong message, an eternal warning and that all of us together will be filled with optimism from this gathering which will provide a new optimism for the B&H as an impetus for the new development and, primarily, towards the European integration”, said President Vujanović.

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