September 11, 2012

Vujanović and Sannino: Montenegro can Continue to Count on EC Support in European Integration Process
At the International Peace Conference in Sarajevo, the President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović had today a bilateral meeting with the Director of the European CommissionÈs
Directorate for Enlargement Stefano Sannino.

Expressing his satisfaction over the meeting with Sannino, Vujanović said that it is continuation of the communication with the European officials, as well as positive attitude of the EC towards the EU enlargement process and position of Montenegro.

“It is obvious that there is a full readiness to actually carry out the negotiations and to open them as soon as possible, and, in technical terms, intensive efforts are being made to launch the negotiations, and there is a full willingness to enter, with joint effort, I expect right after the parliamentary elections, also the actual negotiation position with the EU”, the Montenegrin President said.

He expressed his belief that the negotiations will be opened during the Cypriot Presidency of the EU, pointing out to the earlier stated plan of Cyprus that the negotiation process with Montenegro begins during the Presidency of that country.

President Vujanović reminded that within the EC there is a great respect towards the efforts of Montenegro to have a good dynamics of the negotiation process, and expressed his expectation of a quality intensity of this process.

“Even talk with the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy a few days ago, is a testimonial, sign and conviction that Montenegro represents a completely trustworthy partner of the negotiation process and I believe that such a position will enable to have an intensive negotiation process”, the Montenegrin president said.

Sannino emphasized that Montenegro can continue to count on the EC support in the European integration process.

“We are very satisfied with our cooperation. Montenegro made an important step in June when it obtained the opening of negotiations, and we are working now on opening negotiations on certain chapters.
The technical part of work is good, therefore we are satisfied with the structure and composition of the negotiation team”, he said.

Sannino emphasized that Brussels has a special pleasure over the wide consensus existing in the Montenegrin society on European integrations.

“The EU accession process is not a task for one side or one party, but it calls for a commitment of all political parties and institutions of the entire society. This is something that really helped Montenegro and I hope that it will be so in the forthcoming period too, that is, that we will continue to receive good news from Podgorica”, Sannino said.

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