September 18, 2012

President of Montenegro in Nikšić
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly of Nikšić which was held on the occasion of the Day of Nikšić.

The President congratulated the citizens of Nikšić, Councilors, President of the Municipal Assembly and President of the Municipality on the Day of Nikšić and expressed his appreciation for truly achieved results in a year that will be obviously remembered for huge investments and important successes of the municipality.

The President pointed out that this is a year in which the Podgorica-Nikšić railway will be put into operation, a year in which the wastewater treatment project will begin with implementation, a year in which huge investments have been made in local infrastructure and a year in which a chance of entrepreneurship has been promoted in Nikšić, that has processing capacities for one powerful and rich primary network. The Nikšić Steelworks got a new owner, although it was in bankruptcy and faced the risk of liquidation. It got an owner who invested remarkable resources, who plans to invest EUR 35 million for a period of five years, as well as to make a program that will employ 550 workers in total. The Steelworks has always been an important part of not only industry but overall economy of Nikšić and I am convinced that Toscelik will be a sign of recognition that will increase in splendor and value. He expressed his belief that the rich resources of Nikšić oblige, first and foremost, local administration, but also oblige the Government, donors and international entities that finance local infrastructure to continue with such an attitude towards Nikšić to the benefit of all citizens of Nikšić.

Question of the Journalist:
Mr. President, when you have already mentioned the Steelworks, I guess that you followed yesterday that Mr. Vučinić as a Labor Union leader was given a dismissal. The protests before the Government and Turkish Embassy have been announced. Can we get a comment on this?

Response of the President:
We heard that the procedure for testing this decision will be instituted. Since that decision will be tested in the procedure which is envisaged for its testing, I think that it simply obliges to the lack of comment. I said previously that Toscelik obliges to the respect of such investment, which came, I have to say, neither fast nor easy. So, I stated that the bankruptcy had two bidding procedures, which started at 30 million, that the Steelworks was sold for 15 million, and that it was made in one program which was very seriously prepared. I had an opportunity to receive, after that privatization through bankruptcy, the representative of Toscelik to learn about one very ambitious program of a very serious company which is recognized in Turkey for its utmost responsible attitude and I am convinced that what they planned should be supported. Certainly there should be an intensive, quality, most direct communication with the Labor Union, but I am convinced that the Labor Union will have one responsible attitude to what is the task of the Labor Union, to ensure a resigned attitude towards the owner in order to realize such a serious investment, to the benefit of Nikšić and our overall economy. I think it is important that we got a company which showed that, besides all what bankruptcy had as its content, there is a confidence in the development of this company and that the Steelworks will be a part of what is undoubtedly a value of economy of Nikšić and Montenegro which deserves every respect.

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