September 24, 2012

President of Montenegro attended celebration of the Jubilee in Pljevlja
On the occasion of September 24, Miners’ Day of Montenegro and 60 years Anniversary of the Pljevlja Coal Mine JSC, the President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended today celebration of the Jubilee in Pljevlja.

Respected employees and miners of the Pljevlja Coal Mine, miners of Montenegro, esteemed guests, ladies and gentlemen.

I have come to express my respect and congratulate the Miners’ Day of Montenegro, to the employees and, first of all, miners of the Pljevlja Coal Mine for a great and significant Jubilee – six decades anniversary of the Pljevlja Coal Mine. I would like to express my respect, first of all, to these who spent their years of service in the Pljevlja Coal Mine through dedicated, self-sacrificing, enthusiastic work, securing thus to the Coal Mine reputation, which belongs to it. I would like to express my respect to the present employees of the Coal Mine, first of all, miners, administrative and executive management and all the others who contributed so that we can be proud today of the Coal Mine in Pljevlja, and not only in Pljevlja but in the entire Montenegro. Let me remind you of the six decades of great challenges, temptations and problems, but six decades of great success of the Pljevlja Coal Mine.

It all begun far back in 1952 with only 37 employees and just 16.200 tons of produced coal. Last year ended with 940 employees and great production of 1.972.000 tons of coal and profit of above 1.392.000 Euro. It was the year in which the realization was 14,1% more than planned and in comparison to the previous 2010 it increased by 4,1%. I intentionally emphasize such numerous data, as the last year was difficult, both in terms of economy and mining. It was the year of a long and difficult winter when it was both exhausting and risky to work. And it is important for the energy system of Montenegro to finish the year and help the Thermal Power Plant and the entire energy system. It was a year in which the market was not yielding, electricity price was high, transfers difficult and the entire energy sector significantly depended on the Coal Mine.

That is why I would like to emphasize my respect to the miners and employees in the Coal Mine and management, both executive and administrative, for their really great realization of plans in the past and this year. I would like to say that the Coal Mine is, as we know, the biggest business company in Pljevlja and together with the Thermal Power Plant it represents the energy sector of Montenegro. And at the same time the great energy chance of Montenegro. Therefore, our overall economy very much depends on energy sector and its development is significantly dependent on electrical energy system. That is why I am convinced that strength of this company would be in favour of development, as the President of the Administrative Board Mr. Predrag Bošković presented it. I am convinced that the mistake from 2007 would not be repeated here, when we did not make progress in terms of development and when we missed the chance to provide also for a heating plant in Pljevlja and better ecological situation in Pljevlja and Montenegro. I expect that the second block of Thermal Power Plant, which is being constructed through engagement of state, would receive full logistics of the Pljevlja Coal Mine and Thermal Power Plant and that we will ensure better living quality in Pljevlja through that investment. In the name of that conviction, knowing that the development project will be given full support in the Pljevlja Coal Mine, Thermal Power Plant and entire Pljevlja, I congratulate once again to the miners, employees and miners of the coal mine their Day, great jubilee, convinced that Pljevlja and coal mine would make progress and thus continue to work for the benefit of Montenegro.

Thank you.

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