September 30, 2012

President of Montenegro in Rožaje
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly of Rožaje, which was held on the occasion of the Municipality Day. The President congratulated on the occasion of the holiday to the citizens, councilors, Speaker of the Municipal Assembly and President of the Municipality.

He expressed appreciation for all that had been done in Rožaje and to the local administration, and especially the President Nusret Kalac, because they had demonstrated that Rožaje should be using its resources to the maximum extent for the benefit of all the citizens. The President particularly called for investing into Rožaje, pointing out that a good programme for investment incentives was adopted. He pointed out that Rožaje is a municipality with exceptional resources, where a return can be made on every investment, both for the investors and citizens in the form of a better life.

The President reiterated that he appreciated all that had been done in Rožaje, wishing a stronger progress and better living quality to the citizens of Rožaje.

Journalist’s question:
Why did not you go to the session of the UN General Assembly?

President’s answer:
You know that the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon recently visited Montenegro. That was a historical, valuable and significant visit and a visit on the occasion of which we had the opportunity to hear from him that Montenegro is a reliable partner of the United Nations; and that in all the fields of the UN activities, it had earned respect. The President said that he had had a chance to meet the Secretary General informally in London, at the opening of the Olympic Games where the Secretary General Ban Ki Moon reiterated that his impression of the visit to Montenegro was great and expressed the assurance that Montenegro would continue to be a reliable partner to the UN. “You know that our Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Kaluđerović was the Head of Mission to the UN for a long time and the two of us talked and estimated that he had been a good representative of Montenegro to the UN”, said the President and added that Kaluđerović very dynamically promotes in many meetings the interests of Montenegro, pointing out on one hand what Montenegro represents in the UN, and on the other hand inviting to invest in Montenegro, to demonstrate that Montenegro is convenient for the investors, in the bilateral meetings , which is not just a political but also an economic diplomacy. Minister Kaluđerović is performing his duty very well, therefore the Minister of Foreign Affairs can stand in for the President of the State, alike in many countries. I am pleased over what the Minister of Foreign Affairs does in the UN.

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