October 02, 2012

President of Montenegro visited the Local District Bukovica
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović visited today the Local District Bukovica in the Municipality of Pljevlja, for the purpose of assessment of realized activities in terms of improvement of infrastructure and facilities in this place.

The President said that he visited Bukovica together with the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Suad Numanović, who heads the project of raising the quality of life to a higher level in the area of Bukovica, Director of the Public Works Directorate, Žarko Žarković and President of the Municipality of Pljevlja, Miloje Pupović, where he had the opportunity to convince himself that the project which begun in 2008 has continued to be active and meets its purpose.

“Quality of life in Bukovica has been raised to a higher level; road infrastructure and low-voltage network quality have improved. We have succeeded to ensure that the overall infrastructure ambience stimulates the people who left Bukovica to return and provides for a much better quality of life to people who live here” emphasized the President.

He stated that 43 residential and 35 auxiliary facilities were constructed in this period, and conditions were met in order to have these people returned as well as to provide for a better quality of life to the permanent residents. We agreed to perform the most necessary activities in the framework of infrastructure as the infrastructure has been raised to a good level, and to continue at the same time with construction of residential facilities, whereby insisting on construction of the facilities needed by the permanent residents as it will be, in my opinion, in favour of promotion of harmony among different nations in Bukovica, what has been presented in this meeting in a very visible and persuasive manner.”
The President emphasized that this was also an opportunity to state that “State policy of Montenegro was dedicated to development of villages, development of entrepreneurship in villages. Since its establishment, the Investment and Development Fund invested thirty-two and a half million in 395 projects during the period of more than two and a half years, many of which are related to villages. The Ministry of Agriculture distributed 7.200.000 EUR through MIDAS projects, out of which 3.600.000 represents donation. I told about it to the inhabitants of Bukovica and indicated that they should obtain credit support for entrepreneurship through these programs, as here are exceptional conditions for development of entrepreneurship in all the fields and it would contribute to increase the quality of life.”

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