October 17, 2012

Podgorica, President Vujanović Receives the Representatives of the Strike Committee of the Toscelik Steelworks
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović, along with the Minister of Economy Vladimir Kavarić, received today in Podgorica the representatives of the strike committee of the Toscelik Steelworks from Nikšić.

President accepted the proposal of this committee to conduct talks with them regardless of the fact that the disputes between the workers and management do not fall under the competence of the President of the State, neither in respect of the assessment nor the suggested solutions. President’s opinion was that this proposal should be accepted ad that the delegation of the strike committee should be received because he was very interested in maintaining the steelworks and a correct relation towards all the investors, perceiving the new steelworks owner as a serious and responsible investor. During the talks, the President stated that the dialogue between the workers and the management was the best way to solve any dispute and that the workers should adhere to the principles of business operation of the large companies which cannot change because of the individual parts of the companies. In the case concerned, the President expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Ministry and Minister Kavarić for the assistance in communication between the steelworks workers and the management, believing that the dispute on the workers’ rights has been solved to a significant extent.

Representatives of the strike committee conveyed that through the communication with the management the workers’ rights had been significantly protected, but that some issues should be additionally clarified by further agreeing. In that sense, they accept the Ministers’ position that, through further contacts with the management, both the workers’ rights and the intention of the investor to demonstrate the value of his investment for the benefit of the workers and the steelworks and for the benefit of Montenegro should be protected.

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