October 26, 2012

President Vujanović in Berlin
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended the jubilee celebration in Berlin “the 60th anniversary of the Eastern Committee of German Economy”. The President expressed his satisfaction with participation in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Eastern Committee of German Economy and said that it was an important economic association that connected German economy and states of the East, both in Europe and Asia. It is undoubtedly an important link for connecting our and German economy.

He emphasized that he had a pleasure to participate through this association, during his official visit to Germany in December last year, in a great meeting with numerous German companies. This year in May, they organized Montenegrin-German business forum and initiated a great congress of the German tour operators and travel agencies in Montenegro the next month already. “This will be certainly a great opportunity for our tourism economy to stimulate powerful tour operators from Germany and to ensure a more quality tourist visit from Germany”, the President said, adding that Montenegro would continue a good relation with this Committee and try to enhance, through it, our economic ties with Germany. “Our country has a great interest in the German capital and partnership with Germany”.

It was with a special pleasure that the President pointed to the fact that the Committee allowed only to him of all the guests to address at the gala diner at which Chancellor Merkel gave her speech, and to express a gratitude to the Eastern Committee of German economy for what it had done for Montenegro. To express particular gratitude to the German government and the state for the support provided to Montenegro in its European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

“Germany, as a powerful state of the European Union certainly represents a country from which we expect to further the support of the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro, and therefore I think that my stay in Berlin was very useful.”, the President said.

The President of the Eastern Committee of German economy Dr Eckhard Cordes thanked President Vujanović for participating in this, for them very important and great jubilee. He emphasized that the Committee actively stand up for Montenegro to make its progress toward the EU even more quickly.
Dr Cordes emphasized that the several initiatives were jointly undertaken for enhancing economic cooperation between Montenegro and Germany. He said that he was looking forward to greater economic cooperation between the two countries.
President Vujanović had a joint gala diner during his stay in Berlin, at which besides Chancellor Merkel, the officials and presidents of the biggest company from Germany were present.

The Minister of Economy Vladimir Kavarić was in the delegation with President Vujanović.

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