October 28, 2012

President Vujanović in Herceg Novi
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended today the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly of Herceg Novi, which has been held on the occasion of the Municipality Day.

The President congratulated the Municipality Day to the citizens of Herceg Novi, Councilors, President of the Municipal Assembly and President of the Municipality and expressed his respect for all the realized activities since the last Municipality Day. Capital facilities for water supply and waste water disposal as well as a great project of tourist complex in Kumbor have been planned. The President expressed his conviction that implementation of these ambitious projects would be realized. The President said that he believed that quality of life of the citizens of Herceg Novi would be improved and that its great tourism resources would be used to make it more attractive. “I am convinced that Herceg Novi deserves a better quality of life, its resources are valuable and I believe that realization of these and other projects would provide for better quality of life to all the citizens of Herceg Novi, said the President.

Journalist’s question:

Has DPS determined the Prime Minister-designate? And another question, in case that Mr. Djukanović runs for President in the forthcoming Presidential elections, which move would you make?

President’s response:
You know that negotiations on creation of a coalition are in final phase. We should wait until the parliament is constituted and then the Prime Minister-designate should be determined within thirty days. The deadlines will be met and I believe the dynamics would be as planned. We will see who will be the Prime Minister, we will see who will run for President, we should wait, the deadline to call the presidential elections is close, so I believe that all of us will have the opportunity to see who will be the candidates.

Journalist’s question:
Mr. President, you are today in the opposition municipality, what is your position on the situation in Nikšić, will you lose in Nikšić in your opinion, taking into account that cards are on the table for post-election negotiations? Another question is maybe related; we had an opportunity to see the relation of the former diplomat, leader of Democratic Front, to media, specifically to the TVCG. My colleague asked him about position of Democratic Front in relation to the issue of Srebrenica and Kosovo, and he responded in a rough manner and said that, if anything, it was a rude question?

President’s response:
I do not want to make comment on the discussions among parties in Nikšić. I believe that they would deal with the issue of constituting the local governance in a responsible manner and the negotiations would be conducted in a careful manner. The result will be known and there is no need to make a comment in that relation.
One’s relation to the interest of journalists corresponds to its attitude in relation to media and need to communicate with public through media. I have high respect for media and public.
My relation to Srebrenica and Kosovo is known. I think that our state clearly stated its position in relation to Srebrenica and I have to say that I was very glad to learn that both citizens of Srebrenica and families of the dead in Srebrenica, which went through a real genocide that was assessed as genocide by the international community, respected the position of Montenegro. When I visited Srebrenica I was pleased to see the people who shown their appreciation of such a relation of Montenegro.

Journalist’s question:
It means that you do not want to make comment on the relation of the former diplomat and leader of the opposition party in this relation?

President’s response:
All of us build our relation according to what we think is the purpose of such relation. All of us make an opinion and assessment of media through that relation. I think there is no need to make comment on someone other’s relation to media. That is concern of his relation, attitude and comprehension of media and its meaning.

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