October 30, 2012

President Vujanović congratulated the Montenegrin Public Prosecutors Day
ďMay I congratulate you on the Montenegrin Public Prosecutors Day and express my special respect for your responsible and significant duty you are in charge of.

I am convinced that the prosecutorís role in the judiciary system is of essential significance and functioning of a state governed by the rule of law depends much on it. Such state is the interest of all the citizens and entire society.

In our judiciary system, the prosecutor has a special responsibility, which is commensurate with the need of quality and prompt proceeding as well as the mission of protection of the state and rights and interests of its citizens. I am convinced that the past experience related to performance of prosecutorís duty proved validity of this concept and need to further promote it. Of course, as any big reform especially in judiciary, this one, which is related to the position of prosecutor, requires time to be comprehended and adequately accepted. I am convinced that by quality performance of your duty you will ensure respect of the entire society, as your significant and very demanding duty deserves.

Expected changes of Constitution will be in favor of further promotion of prosecutorís duty and confirmation of prosecutorís full independence, in which way we will meet the highest standards of European integration.

I wish you success in your future work and please, accept the assurances of my highest considerationĒ, reads the congratulatory message of the President Vujanović.

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