November 09, 2012

President of Montenegro nominated Milo Djukanović as Prime Minister – Designate
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović will sent a written proposal to the Speaker of Parliament to nominate the President of DPS Milo Djukanović as Prime Minister-Designate

The President Vujanović completed consultations with the presidents of political parties represented in the Parliament in relation to the proposal of the PM - designate.

The President addressed the journalists after he completed the consultations, stating that he highly respected the parliamentary parties’ leaders, who participated in consultations for nomination of the PM-designate. He said that these consultations were neither technical nor formal but essential and comprehensive and the parliamentary parties’ leaders expressed their views about Montenegro and its prospects and expressed readiness to make efforts for the purpose of contribution to the common good. The President pointed out that he took into account the needs of Montenegro in relation to such efforts and expressed his readiness as President of the state to fully promote cooperation of all and for the general benefit of Montenegro and all of its citizens. He said that it was natural that Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Svetozar Marović and Political Director of DPS Branimir Gvozdenović have come on behalf of the President of DPS. They informed the President that meeting of the DPS Presidency was finished and the DPS’s proposal to nominate Milo Djukanović as PM-designate was fully supported. “As you know, I have always supported and considered that in principle it was adequate that the party and coalition’s leader should take up the obligation and duty to lead the Government pursuant to the program of that government. I am convinced that the DPS President Milo Djukanović, who was most significantly involved in preparation of the coalition’s program, who made the strongest efforts to promote it and thus assumed the responsibility for its realization, expressed in this way his full readiness to implement the program of the coalition in a maximally comprehensive and dynamically most suitable manner. I have no doubt in his success as I have known him for a long time. From cooperation with the DPS President Milo Djukanović I am convinced that he would be completely dedicated to the interests of Montenegro in the integration processes, values of Montenegro in promotion of its international reputation and at this moment, first of all and above all, provision of a good economic ambience, new investments and provision of a better quality of life”, said the President. The President stated his conviction that taking into account what Mr. Djukanović did previously while holding state positions of both Prime Minister and President of the State, made us believe that he would implement the coalition’s program. In this respect, the President stated his readiness to give his full support and contribution within the scope of the president of state’s competence and pursuant to the constitution.

The President said that today after these meetings he would also send a written proposal to the Speaker of the Parliament to nominate DPS President Milo Djukanović as PM-designate, believing that a Parliamentary Session would be convened soon in order to vote on the Government.

“Finally, I would like to express my great respect to the present Prime Minister Igor Lukšić, to state that he and his associates in the Government have been dedicated to the maximum extent to realization of the interests of the Government and entire Montenegro. It is a great compliment and will remain in our memories that during that Government’s mandate we started negotiations on European integration, received great messages from Chicago in relation to the NATO integration and had a policy of full valorization of the resources of Montenegro”, said the President. The President stated that his attitude in terms of the position of PM-designate was the same as Lukšić’s, which was to support the President of the party to be nominated as PM-designate and it was the principle of the party’s functioning. In the same way I would support him if he ran for the President of State. Team functioning simply represents quality and necessity and I think that it was confirmed in this case. The PM-designate accepted the obligation and responsibility and I am convinced that he and his team would be fully dedicated to work for the common good of Montenegro.

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