November 13, 2012

President Vujanović at the Solemn Session of the Assembly of the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje
President Vujanović attended today the solemn session of the Assembly of the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje, held on the occasion of the Day of the Municipality.

President congratulated to the citizens of the Old Royal Capital, councillors, President of the Assembly and Mayor on the day of Cetinje and expressed appreciation for the work done between the two holidays. He expressed that he shared the opinion of the citizens of the Old Royal Capital that a lot had been done, with an estimate that very ambitious plans on which the Mayor spoke would be realized.

President pointed out that Cetinje is a historical vertical of rich, long and glorious history of Montenegro, stating that the state and the local government are oriented to the maximum extent to use all the resources and values of the Old Royal Capital. He expressed his expectation that a better living quality in Cetinje would be ensured, through the opportunities for entrepreneurship, through the incentive measures provided by the Old Royal Capital and the Government. President expressed his certainty that the investments from the budget of Montenegro and from the budget of the Old Royal Capital valorised the values and accepted the obligation of further investments. ďFor me, it is of vital importance that the new jobs be opened here, to ensure a better living quality and that the citizens of Cetinje have a living quality earned by this time which demonstrated through the values of the Old Royal Capital, that the connections between the present and history should use the value of history for the present living quality, said the PresidentĒ.

Journalistís question
Did you officially propose Milo Đukanović as a Prime Minister Designate and how long does it take until the session of the Parliament at which the Government will be formed?

Presidentís answer
I referred the proposal as I said to the Speaker of the Parliament on the same day when I finished the consultations and got the notification that the Presidency of the DPS designated Milo Đukanović as the candidate for the Prime Minister Designate. On the same day, I sent a letter to the Speaker of the Parliament and I believe that the Prime Minister Designate will soon request scheduling of the session of the Assembly and that he would be able to present his programme and the composition of the Government.

Journalistís question
Have you decided whether you will run for the presidential elections?

Presidentís answer
I am not thinking about it until the elections are called, and then we shall see, the procedures have their course both within the party and within the coalition. This is not a time to think about it, this is a time to be thinking of things of which I was talking about, to help the living quality now and to promote the value of Montenegro.

Journalistís question
We are informed that a part of the Democratic Front did not stand up in Niköić while the anthem was playing. How do you explain that?

Presidentís answer
I have commented on the anthem a lot and frequently and to the maximum extent and I think that there is no need to give comments on the anthem beyond what I have already stated. So, in order not to repeat my attitude on the anthem, it simply seems unnecessary to inform the public on what everybody knows. I believe that you will agree with me that there is no need for me to comment on anything in respect of the anthem, anybody and any part and any individual and I believe that you will understand that I fought for some principles which have their value in reconciliation and for the history of Montenegro in the sense of its antifascist vertical and for the need that we all perceive the anthem with equal emotional and enthusiasm, let me repeat, although I said that there was no need for further repetition.

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