November 14, 2012

Bijelo Polje, President of Montenegro Visits Passengers Injured in Railway Accident
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović visited the patients today in general hospital in Bijelo Polje who were hospitalized after the railway accident which took place last night on a track between Mojkovac and Bijelo Polje.

The President said that it was a great tragedy in which two lives were lost and extended his sympathies to the families of the victims. He expressed his respect for the Bijelo Polje’s hospital and Mojkovac’s service for all they did in that great tragedy, with a belief that all the injured will recover quickly. He said that he was assured of the conditions of the utmost good treatment during the visit to the injured persons along with the director of the general hospital Tomislav Jeremić and hospital personnel. The President expressed his respect for the rescue and medical services and all of those who took their part, either by obligation or voluntary, in helping the injured persons and healing of all effects of that accident. He said that he heard only words of commendation from the injured patients in the hospital for the utmost help that was offered in their treatment there.

The President also stated that the Railways and the Police carried out intensive investigations of the cause of the accident, with expectation of having clear information about the accident soon.

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