November 19, 2012

Cetinje, President of Montenegro – Opportunity for Development of Entrepreneurship in Agriculture
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, attended today in the place of Rvaši (municipality of Cetinje) the award of decisions on approval of five projects for investments into agricultural holdings in line with the MIDAS’s call.

President conveyed satisfaction and expressed appreciation for the work of our agricultural producers which is supported by the Old Royal Capital and the state. He said: “In the month of May, we had promotion of entrepreneurship in this composition in Cetinje, and promised that we would accelerate obtaining of the MIDAS credit lines and the support from the investment Development Fund and that we would be present at the gathering when such credits and donations would be granted”.

President expressed great pleasure over the interest of Cetinje in entrepreneurship in the field of agriculture. He pointed out that 120 entrepreneurs in this year, 15 new ones and over 100 interested in applications, demonstrates that this space has an excellent opportunity for development of entrepreneurship and an opportunity for employment which everyone should support. The President added, that within the Business Centre of Cetinje, implementation of 34 programmers was ensured, that these programmes were the basis for provision, within the MIDAS and Investment Development Fund, of the credit support on one hand and 50% donations on the other hand. That is the great opportunity for Cetinje and we are all obliged to support it. Also, it is a big opportunity for Montenegro. I am certain that the strategy of economic development in Montenegro, implemented by the Government, and overcoming the differences between the northern and the southern region, has their realistic basis and we have the financial construction for implementation of these projects, which is the most important. You have heard from Mr. Lajović that a very favourable loan has been extended by the European Investment Bank in the amount of 50 million and you have heard from Minister Milošević that, through the programme we are implementing with the World Bank and through drawing on the funds from the European funds, we have a good financial basis to attain what is in our power in the field of family entrepreneurship, which is an excellent opportunity for employment and opportunity for development of Montenegro, said the President. He expressed his assurance that it is necessary to present the strategy of economic development of Montenegro for the period 2012-2016 better, through introduction of clusters and inform that we have more than 6000 entrepreneurs employing more than 26 thousand people and providing for living of more than 9000 households. So, I am mentioning these figures which are impressive adding that within the clusters in Cetinje, two clusters in the field of milk and dairy production and poultry production found their way, and thus were enabled to jointly approach within the network, the financial space, to provide for production and ensure marketing, which is equally important.

President expressed his belief that Cetinje should use that opportunity and his belief that Montenegro must use that opportunity. So, we have no greater developmental opportunity than entrepreneurship in agriculture and we therefore ensure the new jobs, production of high-quality food, carry out substitution of imports and ensure a high-quality export product. I am particularly rejoiced that we have ensured a financial basis for implementation of all these allocations in the MIDAS projects and projects of the Investment Development Fund which will, I am certain, be supported by the banking sector, in order to give an opportunity to our agriculture to develop. He congratulated to the holder, Mr. Šofranac and his family for what he had done is to be respected and congratulated to all those who receive the credit lines, two in the field of vineyard growing and three in the field of livestock breeding, which is a role model for the others. He emphasized that through the work which will be supported by the state, donated through the MIDAS programme, an opportunity is created for everything produced to be bought up. There is no need for any buy out for what we have seen in the viticulture, it is sure that there is demand for high-quality wine and brandy, it is an opportunity and I see no reason why the Old Royal Capital and the state would not fully support it. Therefore, expressing our satisfaction over being here and having the chance to see directly the success of family entrepreneurship, the President expressed his appreciation for all those who were granted the credit lines and donations from MIDAS and all those who apply, through the corresponding programmes of the Investment Development Fund, for the very favourable loans in terms of which the interest is not charged on subsidies.

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