November 22, 2012

President Vujanović in Budva
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, attended today the solemn session of the Municipal Assembly in Budva, held on the occasion of the Day of the Municipality.

President congratulated on the holiday to all the citizens of Budva, councillors, President of the Assembly and President of the Municipality and expressed pleasure over the achievements attained between the two holidays. He emphasized that the tourism season had evidently been excellent and outstandingly prepared. Also, the announcement of new activities which will provide for continuity of tourism quality in our metropolis is important and I am certain that it would ensure our goal – adequate promotion of Montenegro as a tourism destination, having a longer and better tourism season and higher quality of offer – it is unequivocal that the contribution of Budva is great, said the President. He congratulated to the President of the Municipality of Budva and the local government on everything they are doing, assured that their plans will be carefully and responsibly realized for the benefit of Budva and Montenegro.

Journalist’s question
A short comment on the acquittal in respect of deportation of the Bosniak Muslims, I know it is awkward because you have not read the acquittal, but please be so kind?

President’s answer
I think it is unpopular of me to comment the judgments. Especially to comment on the first instance judgments. My comment as a lawyer and as the President of the state could be negatively understood. It could be perceived as an attempt to influence the public opinion and thereby the court’s decision. I have never commented on the judgments. I think that we should have trust in the court. The court is the cornerstone of the legal state. Judicial bodies have my full support and support of the state to be autonomous and independent and promote the values of the legal state of Montenegro, and in that sense, I think that all those in the state positions are obliged to refrain from commenting on the judgments and that it is a contribution to the value of independence of the court and judiciary on the whole.

Journalist’s question
Mr. Vujanović, could you tell us about your ride in the Volkswagen 2?

President’s answer
Well, sometimes these surprising situations result in interesting encounters. I am genuinely thankful to the citizen of Žabljak who drove me a few kilometres in his car until the vehicle from Pljevlja got there. I also had an interesting conversation with the two citizens of Zabljak who kept my company before that Volkswagen came, so the unusual and surprising situation sometimes lead to the new encounters.

Journalist’s question
Did they recognize you immediately, did they believe their eyes?
They recognized me of course, we had a nice talk and I am thanking again to the citizen of Žabljak whom I encountered and who offered me a ride until the vehicle from Pljevlja reached us. So, I was a little bit late for the Municipal Assembly of Pljevlja but the councillors and the guests understood it.

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