November 23, 2012

President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović at the Fifth Congress of the Union of Veterans Associations of the People’s Liberation War and Anti-fasci
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović held an address at the Fifth Congress of the Union of Veterans Associations of the People’s Liberation War and Anti-fascists of Montenegro.

The President’s speech reads as follows:

Anti-fascist war veterans,
Esteemed delegates of the Congress,
Respected guests, dear friends,

It has always been a great honor and pleasure to welcome the anti-fascists. It is a special privilege to do it at your Congress. I am doing it wholeheartedly, with maximum respect, knowing that your mission is the brightest, the holiest and most durable of all in Montenegro – promotion of our anti-fascism. Not many small states are globally recognized such as our Montenegro. Anti-fascism made us globally recognized. That is why July 13th is our greatest holiday. It is the greatest owing to the Berlin Congress when we became independent and owing to the Anti-fascist Uprising in 1941 when we sent a message to the mankind that anti-fascism is neither eternal nor invincible and its defeat was just a matter of time.

The thirteenth of July geographically took place in several places in Montenegro, but in terms of its significance, love of freedom, it was position of the entire Montenegro. That is why Montenegrin anti-fascism was admired by anti-fascists but also respected by fascists. Great world and French thinker, magnificent anti-fascist Jean-Paul Sartre said “Montenegrin uprising warned the mankind which way to go” he was right. Our war was anti-fascist war. Our peace was anti-fascist peace. Our future is anti-fascist future. Governor of the occupation, Italian General Paolo Biroli said: “To bring Montenegrins under control is the same as to plough the sea”- and he was right. Montenegro could have never been brought under control, its love of freedom has always been great and it will remain eternal.

Failing to mention here the great battle of Pljevlja would probably be criticized. It was the Great Battle that was not won in military sense. However, this greatest battle in the Balkans in 1941 sent a great message that fascism would be defeated. As many as 3690 anti-fascists and 236 dead sent a message on behalf of Montenegro for the entire Montenegro that Montenegro was freedom-loving and victorious. That is why Italian anti-fascist great man, President of Italy Sandro Pertini on the occasion of 40th anniversary of Garibaldi brigade came to bow to our anti-fascists and to say that fascism was destructive for the mankind.

Dear friends, I would like to say that our anti-fascism was the entrance and precondition for independence of Montenegro. Without anti-fascism, Montenegro would not be independent. The first great, necessary and irreplaceable step -referendum held in May - ensured our renewal of independence. Therefore, thanks to the anti-fascists for their immeasurable contribution to the independence of Montenegro.
Dear friends, I would like in the end to express my appreciation to our Union, which together with the war veterans, who have young spirit and young message, gathers an increasing number of young people and represents one of the strongest associations of Montenegro. It should be so and our association of anti-fascists should be expanded. Anti-fascism of Montenegro is the biggest and permanent value of Montenegro. There is no freedom-loving Montenegro without it. There is no civil Montenegro without it. There is no eternal Montenegro without anti-fascism. May eternal be Montenegro and may eternal be its antifascism!

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