November 24, 2012

President Vujanović in Bar
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended today in Bar the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly of Bar held on the occasion of the Municipality Day. He congratulated the Municipality Day to the citizens of Bar, Councilors, President of the Municipal Assembly and President of the Municipality and expressed his respect for all that was done in the course of the past year. The great investments to the amount of 23 millions and important projects are noticeable as they have undoubtedly provided for a better infrastructure and quality of life in Bar and in that way the quality of Barís tourist offer has been improved. Big projects with secured funding have been planned and it can really be expected that the same would be completed according to the planned dynamics, said the President and expressed his respect to the Local Governance of Bar, which has planned and implemented these projects carefully and responsibly, expecting that the economic ambience of Bar would be in line with its really great resources.

Journalistís question:
Mr. President, taking into account that you have just had an opportunity to see directly the environmental pollution level in Pljevlja, are you concerned about health of the inhabitants of Pljevlja, have you alerted the state bodies to take the possible measures to resolve the issue?

Response of the President:
You know that I discussed the ecological situation in Pljevlja on several occasions. It is necessary to improve the ecological ambience and thus to improve the quality of life. Firstly, the issue of thermal-electric power plant and its polluting effect on the environment should be resolved. One of preconditions for quality of life in Pljevlja is certainly the project of privatization of the first block with investments for construction of the second block, which implies resolution of the ecological issue, first of all by construction of a heating plant in Pljevlja. Pljevlja undoubtedly has great resources. The town has coal, forests, quality water and I think that ecological quality should necessarily be taken into account in the process of development of Pljevlja. The projects planned in the thermal sector should provide for a much higher level of quality of life in Pljevlja. In addition, cement plant implies a high level of environmental protection and I am convinced that plans and activities for cement plant would also ensure that ecological quality is not adversely affected but improved. This area obliges Montenegro both at local and state level and I believe that everything planned would be in favour of improvement of quality of life in Pljevlja and also in terms of ecology.

Journalistís question:
Mr. Vujanović, in case of failure to reach an agreement in relation to local governance in Niköić, would the elections be called again and when?

Response of the President:
I do not know it, of course. They asked for a few additional days to announce their position. Letís wait for these few days to see what will be their position.

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