December 05, 2012

Budva, 4th Regional Summit of the Heads of State
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović hosted today the 4th Regional Summit of the Heads of States, held in Budva.

Presidents of Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo took part in the Summit.

On the margins of the Summit, President Vujanović had bilateral meetings with the President of Macedonia, Georgi Ivanov, President of the Republic of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, President of the Republic of Albania, Bujar Nishani.

At the joint meeting of the Presidents, President Vujanović delivered the following address:

President’s address in full:

Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Regular annual holding of the Regional Summit of Heads of States, including this fourth in the row, indicates the closeness of our relations and commitment of our states to dialogue on all issues of regional and wider importance. Their success obliges us to endure in our intention to invite Serbia into our summits, with a view to promotion of regional stability, fostering of mutual cooperation and acceleration of integration processes.

In the foreign policy of Montenegro, the aim of the regional policy is to affirm the good neighbourly relations and to promote active and comprehensive regional cooperation, on the basis of full mutual respect among states and fulfilment of all mutual interests. We approach this regional initiative in that manner, as well.

I am proud to point out that such approach, in line with the tradition of our close relations, has posed before Montenegro a challenge of fostering cooperation with the neighbours and countries of the region as a priority, valorising the fact that there are no open issues in relations with them. That is the quality which holds a genuine ambition for the entire region.

Our overall promotion should be fostered. There are valuable achievements, but we should be working continuously on its enhancement. Whether we are successful in that respect – that is up to our citizens to estimate, because it serves the purpose of meeting their interest.

On this occasion, I would emphasize several important areas of cooperation.

First – openness of our borders for citizens must be promoted as the significant need at the state level. Facilitated movement leads to enhancement of cooperation and represents its prerequisite. By opening the joint border crossing Sukobin-Murićani, Montenegro and Albania facilitated a lot communication of citizens on both sides of the border. A series of issues unequivocally opened by borders are being solved through their openness. At the previous summits, we pointed out to the usefulness of joint border crossings, and I am certain that it contributed to active negotiations with Kosovo and Albania to make all the border crossings joint, through the one-point border control, which would make the control efficient to the maximum extent, followed by an utterly positive reaction of the citizens.

The second segment of our cooperation, in which there is a visible progress, is fight against organized crime and corruption. However, valorising the success already made, it is necessary to work hard in close coordination and cooperation of our institutions on an uncompromising cutting of all the forms of cross-border organized crime and corruptive processes. These are not just the unacceptable illegal activities, but also a factor of slowing down of the social and economic development and integration processes. It has been proven that corruption undermines the economic growth and political development. The latter is undermined through weakening of public institutions and an attempt at decreasing willingness for reforms.

We can jointly do a lot in this field. Not only through concluding the necessary contracts and agreements, but also through mutual support in institutional building, exchange of information, experiences and joint activities. I reiterate – we have done a lot, but we can and we must do even more.

The third natural room for our cooperation is economy. In this area, there are a lot of opportunities for further activities. In the environment of current financial problems in the Eurozone and global slowing down of growth, this commitment is becoming more prominent. Economic exchange is not at the necessary level and we have to increase it for our mutual benefit. Our business associations and companies can establish the new partnerships and strengthen the old ones, through joint appearance in the third markets. There is no good economic cooperation without an adequate infrastructure. This is the field of our natural partnership within which we shall implement our joint projects. By this I do not mean only new roads and railways by which we will get better connected, but also the projects in the field of energy, in which the joint approach is a precondition for a positive response of the financial institutions.

And finally, a very important issue – the integration processes, to which we all approach with the highest priority, presuppose good regional cooperation and promotion of political dialogue as a tool for solving of open issues in the region. The Western Balkan states believe in successfulness of their processes. Accession of Albania and Croatia to the NATO, and accession of Croatia to the European Union are indicators of the projection that the Western Balkans will be a part of these integrations, whereby regional stability would be achieved, and the prerequisites for economic development and general prosperity would be met. We have already demonstrated the mutual support in accomplishing of integration standards, as well as in every other respect and we shall continue providing it.

Finally, the messages we are sending from this summit, as well as from the previous summits, to the region and to the wider international community are positive and optimistic. Promotion of our close relations and positive accomplishments are a good role-model in the region and contribute to its progress. The basic message is that there is no prosperity without good neighbourly and regional cooperation in the form of joint response to joint problems. I am certain that through cooperation we can accelerate the development of every individual state and promote the value of the entire region.

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