December 09, 2012

President Vujanović in Danilovgrad
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended today in Danilovgrad the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly which was held on the occasion of the Municipality Day.

The President congratulated the citizens of Danilovgrad, Councilors, President of the Assembly and President of the Municipality on the holiday and expressed his appreciation for the investments realized between the two holidays. Around EUR 15 million was invested in very important projects, particularly in infrastructure projects which has undoubtedly increased the quality of life in Danilovgrad. It also ensured that this town will use its resources in a more efficient manner. The President said that he sincerely hopes that the planned projects will be carried out with good dynamics and that Danilovgrad, in accordance with its great possibilities, will truly ensure further development of its town. He congratulated the local government and President of the municipality on what has been done, with a belief of better future for Danilovgrad in line with the possibilities of this town.

Journalist question:
How do you see, as President of the state and as a lawyer, a way out of this crisis in functioning of the local self-government in Nikšić, since it is unlikely to achieve the functioning of the government, with the present state of things?

President’s answer:
It is clear that the local self-government is almost two months in paralysis and it is to the detriment of the citizens. And I am glad to perceive that there is majority willingness within the Municipal Assembly to get out of this crisis, an obvious willingness towards the elections. I believe that the relevant experience will be drawn from this which will lead, first and foremost, to the change of the regulations which will make impossible to take forever to constitute the government. On the other side it will be seen how to accelerate it and also it will ensure putting what undoubtedly is the value of a local self-government into operation. I expect that in the next session, in accordance with what is my personal acquaintance with the chairman and his reputation that he will enable the elected president to take office, and after that, in accordance with what is the willingness in Nikšić, to shorten the mandate. Also I think that there will be drawn the experiences related to the promotion of the free mandate of each councilor or deputy which is undoubtedly one of the foundations of functioning democracy. But also to ensure the mechanism to prevent abuse of this and to serve the purpose of what is the interest of all of the citizens and respect of the interest of the citizens.

Journalist’s question:
Do you think that DPS has bigger chances now than on the eve of the local elections in Nikšić to win the absolute majority?

The answer of the President:
I would not assess the chances of the parties, I am interested in and I promote putting the town into operation in the interest of protection of all of its citizens. This state of paralysis is bad in any way. And it is one experience from which the lesson should be drawn. How each of the parties will do in the elections, we will see then. But certainly such paralysis of the system shows that the local self-government can be put in a situation that can last indefinitely long, in fact to disable what is the interest of the citizens through the functioning of the system of the local self-government.

Journalist’s question:
”Dan” reminds today of the OSCE report after the parliamentary elections with regard to the voter rolls that should be combed through on the eve of the presidential elections, so I would like to hear your comment on this?

President’s answer:
Absolutely. So, everything that is not completely in order with voter rolls, I plead with all my strength for putting it, with an utmost dynamics, in a thoroughly clean voting state. And I believe that it will be set towards the presidential elections.

Journalist’s question:
Your further engagement? Are you ready maybe now to give your comment?

President’s answer:
There is no need for that. I think that we are close to the time of calling for the presidential elections, therefore we will see.

Journalist’s question:
The meteorologists forecast harsher winter; they say that the state of emergency should not be repeated. Have you talked to those responsible for that, in the Ministry’s sector for emergency situations?

President’s answer:
I am convinced that we will not have repeat performance of the last year. And that the system has prepared better as a whole. Therefore, I am convinced that there is no risk and there will not be repeat of something we had as a last year’s misfortune.

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