December 31, 2012

President of Montenegro Extended Congratulations on New Yearís Holidays

We are at the very end of the year 2012. We will remember it, for sure, by valuable integration achievements.

In April this year we became the 154th member of the World Trade Organization. The multi-annual steadfast and patient negotiations ensured our membership in the most important global trade organization with which we have integrated in the international trade flows. We ensured the possibilities of the benefits of this membership through greater selection of goods and services, their better quality but also a positive signal for foreign investors. It is up to us to use this possibility as better as possible.

In May this year at the NATO Summit in Chicago we got the most powerful messages of acknowledgement and encouragement for further Euro-Atlantic integration. We are marked as a factor of stability of the Western Balkans, but also beyond it, as an important participant in peacekeeping missions and a reliable partner in preserving and promotion of peace and democracy.

In June this year we started the accession negotiations with the EU. We have already opened and provisionally closed chapter 25 on science and research, and got the possibility to use the knowledge, experiences and funds of the EU, in this important fields from which the overall development significantly depends. In the next year we will open chapters 23 and 24, which promote values of human rights and the rule of law but also other chapters with which we will get closer to the EU. We are the only state in the South-Eastern Europe that conducts the accession negotiations with the EU. It is our great success. It is an impetus for others. It is a proof that the EU continues the enlargement to the Western Balkans area.

There is a year of magnificent sporting success behind us. Water polo, handball, basketball, football, individual sports have promoted the name and glory of Montenegro. But successes of our women handball players are our sporting crown. The heroines who are club and representative champions of Europe and silver medal winners in the Olympic games in London. And they also showed that our value is beyond our size, that we deserve admiration when we are together, when we believe in ourselves and when we are guided by the same values and goals. Letís wish the next year be a year of such successes.

The next year has to be the year of strengthening of economic stability. The year of new investments, new economic partnerships, new employments, higher national product that will ensure better quality of life. Letís join together for this common good. Letís be above the divisions that slow down our development. Above the differences that separate us. Only together we can overcome weaknesses and reach the highest values. Letís be together, because we are closest to each other.

Dear citizens,

Last but not least, I wish you all good health, personal and family satisfaction, tolerance and love so that the New 2013 be filled with happiness.

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