March 12, 2013

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Montenegro
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, welcomed today in Podgorica, with highest state and military honours, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev.

After bilateral meeting, Presidents Vujanović and Aliyev gave their statements to the media.

President Vujanović, emphasised that today, Montenegro had a special pleasure to have the President of Azerbaijan, Mr. Aliyev and his esteemed delegation for its guest on an official visit.

He said that they noted that state relations are excellent, and that the friendship and closeness of the two states, which are not that close geographically, are an example of good comprehensive and intensive state relations. Those great state relations lead to considerable economic achievements and cooperation of which, certainly, the most important investment is that of SOKAR in Kumbor.

The President stated that there are very high interests of Azerbaijan for further investments in Montenegro, as well as great room for cooperation in the energy area, road infrastructure, port services and tourism.

We noted an important role in interstate commissions that will be identified in further forms of cooperation, and encourage the conclusion of new interstate agreements and facilitate economic cooperation. I had the pleasure to sign with President Aliyev, the Declaration on friendly relations and partnership of the two countries, which is a strategic agreement on cooperation, said the President and added that they also discussed cooperation in the areas of culture, science and education.

The President emphasised special gratitude, on behalf of Montenegro and its citizens, to President Aliyev, the state of Azerbaijan and its people for two important donations they made to Montenegro. The donation to the nursery in Bijelo Polje, which is a great necessity of Bijelo Polje and the donation to the reconstruction of the Park in the center of Podgorica.

“I want to especially thank President Aliyev, who has a great personal role in the affirmation of good relations of Montenegro and Azerbaijan. He strongly supported the strengthening of state relations and economic interest in Montenegro. Such rich state relations and such quality economic cooperation are directly owed to President Aliyev, on what I am especially grateful,” emphasized the President.

“Honoured President, ladies and gentlemen, citizens of Montenegro,
First of all I want to thank you for exceptional hospitality you extended to me and my delegation in Montenegro. It is a great pleasure to be in your beautiful country, and I want to congratulate you and your country on all these achievements you made since regaining independence. In such a short period of time, your country achieved a lot. Even in the time of economic crisis, your economy showed that it is stable. On international scene you are very respected and popular. And one of the successes of your policy is your accelerated integration in the Euro-Atlantic structures”, stressed President Aliyev.

He expressed great pleasure for such fast and successful development of mutual relations between Montenegro and Azerbaijan.

“Mister President, your official visit to Azerbaijan from two years ago had a great impact on this successful development of our mutual relations. During these two years of our joint meetings at a high level, I have to say that we achieved very important progress in the economic area. When it comes to our joint cooperation, our views on that cooperation are nearly identical and Azerbaijan investors are inspired by exceptional economic climate in Montenegro, that is, economic cooperation, said President Aliyev. It is a pleasure to note that investments by Azerbaijan already started in Montenegro, in terms of creating favourable environment, that is, investment structures for the development of tourist facilities in Montenegro, added President Aliyev. This is a big step forward, but I have to say that it is just a first step towards the realisation of our common goal. And, as we talked today about various potential areas of our joint cooperation, we concluded that there is ever increasing interest of investors from Azerbaijan in investments in Montenegro.

We can improve that cooperation in these areas that we covered today during the talks. I think that the successful cooperation can be reached in the banking sector, for which there is a great interest in Azerbaijan, as well as in the energy sector, where we have great possibilities for further cooperation. And I believe that cooperation between Montenegro and Azerbaijan can be exceptionally promising in the energy area, because we talked about great energy projects in terms of transport and sales of energy-generated product that Azerbaijan realises in the world.

President Aliyev underlined: I learned a lot about heroic and beautiful country of Montenegro and I know that you have done a lot for it since regaining its independence. And for that reason too, I want to congratulate you on all the accomplishments you achieved.”

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