June 07, 2013

Podgorica, the National Council for Drug Abuse Prevention
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, chaired the session of the National Council for the Drug Abuse Prevention, which was held in the high school “Slobodan Škerović”.

The Council adopted the Ministry of Interior’s report on the activities to combat drug abuse in 2012 and during first 5 months of 2013. The interstate border cooperation model that was implemented through joint activity of border services of Montenegro and Albania on the Sukobin-Murićani border crossing was affirmed as it showed high level of efficiency
The Ministry of Education’s report on activities carried out in the area of prevention of drug addiction among children and youth in the system of education was also adopted. Continuous and intensive cooperation of educational institutions and municipal offices for drug addiction prevention was recommended. Special significance of the subject "Healthy Lifestyles" for the pupils of elementary and secondary schools, as well as the importance of participation and support for the projects that promote preventive activities and cooperation with NGOs that are implemented within educational institutions was noted.

The report of the Institute of Public Health on the ESPAD survey conducted in 2011 - use of drugs, tobacco and alcohol among 16-year-olds in Montenegro was adopted. Based on this research, it is concluded that the use of drugs among high school students was present to a much lesser extent compared to the European average, but as the studies have shown a tendency of increase of psychoactive substances use among high school students in Montenegro, preventive activities should be vigorously pursued. It was spoken in support of marking June 26th - International Day against Drug Abuse in the Parliament of Montenegro, within the framework of the Committee for Education, Science, Culture and Sports, and to carry out the presentation of the ESPAD survey.

The proposals on NGO cooperation and participation in the work of the National Council were discussed. The proposal to hold a meeting, based on NGO’s public invitation, in order to agree on and propose a model of further cooperation and participation in the work of the National Council, was also supported.

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