June 12, 2013

Bratislava Vujanović Ivanov
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović and President of the Republic of Macedonia Đorđe Ivanov assessed today, during the bilateral meeting held in Bratislava, that governmental relations were comprehensive and may serve as an example in the region.

The President Vujanović expressed his expectation that the good relations would continue and be a stimulus to better economic cooperation. He stated that he expected that organization of an Economic Forum between the two states would contribute to deepening the economic ties. They jointly stated that there were significant potentials in the field of tourism. They acknowledged the agreement signed by Diplomatic Academies of the two states.

The President of Macedonia Đorđe Ivanov agreed that good governmental relations should be used for improvement of economic cooperation.

He said that Macedonian citizens were interested in Montenegrin tourist destinations, and opening charter flights between Montenegro and Macedonia would give a significant stimulus to it.

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