June 17, 2013

Podgorica, President of Montenegro Receives Mustafa Toprak
President of Montenegro received today Mr. Mustafa Toprak, Governor of Izmir and Chairman of the Organisational Committee for Izmirís candidacy to host EXPO in 2020. President Vujanović pointed to the very good cooperation of Turkey and Montenegro. Good relations at the state level are followed by good cooperation at the level of economy. Previous experiences of Turkish investors, such as Gintash, TosÁelik, and Turkish Airlines represent a good example for other investors and could be the initial bridge of cooperation. He also pointed out that our Diaspora can play an important role in future cooperation and that it has already shown interest in particular projects. Speaking of EXPO, President Vujanović confirmed the support of Montenegro to Izmir as the host candidate and pointed out that receiving candidacy would represent a great opportunity not only for Izmir, but for the whole Balkan region, as it would be the first EXPO in the Balkans in case of obtaining candidacy.

Mr Toprak thanked for the opportunity to present the activities performed so far in organizing EXPO in Izmir. He pointed out that this was a return visit, and highlighted the contribution of the President Vujanović to good relations between Montenegro and Turkey. Turkey has already provided the necessary space and financial resources for the organisation of EXPO. He noted that in case of obtaining candidacy, after the exhibition, the entire EXPO space would be turned into a tourist - health centre. He also informed the President that he also performed the duty of Chairman of the Board of Izmir Development Agency and that he would make special efforts in promotion and development of relations between Montenegro and Turkey. Duty free zone in Izmir functions successfully and therefore, he expressed particular interest in Port of Bar and duty free zone in Bar, announcing the arrival of Turkish businessmen to Bar.

The talks were attended by the Ambassador of Turkey to Montenegro, Mr. Mehmet Niyazi Tanilir, as well as the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Mr. Ivan Saveljić.

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