June 20, 2013

Cetinje: Official Visit of H.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco to Montenegro
H.H. Albert II of Monaco is paying an official visit to Montenegro from 19 to 21 June 2013.

The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović received today H.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco in a Presidential Residence in Cetinje.

Following the official reception, tête-à-tête meeting and bilateral talks President Vujanović and Prince Albert II of Monaco gave media statements.

President Vujanović underlined his special pleasure for having Prince Albert II of Monaco as a guest in Montenegro.

The President particularly stressed the international reputation Prince Albert II enjoys due to the numerous activities that he successfully implements in various fields, such as environmental protection, humanitarian field, and promotion of culture and highly valuable mission of sports.

On behalf of the citizens of Montenegro, the President expressed appreciation for everything the Prince achieved and expressed his belief that he will continue with these valuable activities which bring common good to the international community.

He emphasized that this visit is a strong contribution to the new comprehensive intensive and already friendly relations between Montenegro and Monaco.

“During this visit two valuable state agreements will be signed, framework agreement on cooperation between Montenegro and Monaco and the agreement on cooperation in the field of sustainable development.

The first one is the foundation agreement on cooperation between the two states in all fields: economy, culture, tourism, especially in the field of environmental protection, all social activities which will be basis for quality cooperation between the two states.

The other agreement in the sphere of sustainable development should promote environmental protection and enable Montenegro to use great experiences of Monaco in the field.

The agreement between the two business associations will be signed as a basis for joint activities for joint participation in business forums, fairs and joint activities in terms of promotion of our business ties, the President said.

He also stressed his respect for the agreement signed between the two foundations, Prince Albert II foundation and foundation of Prince Nikola Petrović. The Prince Albert foundation, which is globally recognized, can significantly assist the Petrović foundation and its missions in Montenegro.

The President thanked His Highness because, during his visit to Montenegro, he decided to visit, apart from the coastline, the National park Durmitor on the north of Montenegro.

“This is the part of Montenegro which has a wealth of natural beauty and I am very glad that the Prince will have an opportunity to witness it and, through it, to promote the value of the National park of Montenegro”, said the President.

Prince Albert II of Monaco thanked the President for the invitation and stated his pleasure for coming in the first official visit to Montenegro.

He said that Monaco and Montenegro have many goals in common in different fields, whether it is tourism, economy or environmental protection.

“I came in this visit to get acquainted with the country and its people, with the country that, just like mine, has a remarkable geographic position, is open to the Mediterranean and has invaluable tourist attractions. Also, I came to get acquainted with the people that were able to forge their destiny over centuries, despite various temptations that they came across that path. Today, we are turning our eyes towards the future. Montenegro has been confirming its reputation in Europe for several years already, and you, Mr. President, confirmed it during your talks. Montenegro is at the heart of that Europe. “Prince Albert II emphasized. He said that Europe is shaken now by economic and financial crisis, but in 2012 Montenegro opened accession negotiations for EU membership.

The Prince has particularly welcomed the initiatives Montenegro makes and which show the valuable capacities for take-charge attitude and innovations. He stressed that he came to make known to the President and Montenegrin authorities that Monaco also stresses these values, being convinced at the same time and he believes in it, but also because the limitations of our states push us to be imaginative.

The cooperation between our two countries is pinned down today. You have rightfully stressed it, Mr. President, by signing of several agreements. The one is a framework agreement and the other is related to the tourism and sustainable development. Also, the agreement related to the economic field will be signed and it concerns the rapprochement between our two chambers of economy”, the Prince said.

He added that, in the field of cooperation regarding environment, his foundation had an opportunity to make the framework agreement and convention of the agreement on cooperation concrete by signing them with the Petrovic foundation.

Therefore, these are the topics I had pleasure to talk about with you Mr. President as well as with high Montenegrin officials , as we have jointly stated, that is concrete strengthening of relations between our two states”, emphasized Prince Albert II of Monaco.

President Vujanović will host an official dinner in honor of His Highness.

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