July 12, 2013

Cetinje, Statehood Day of Montenegro
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović organized a ceremonial reception in the Blue Castle in Cetinje on the occasion of July 13, Statehood Day.

The reception was attended by a great number of invitees, representatives of political, scientific, cultural, economic, public and sports life of Montenegro, as well as the national heroes and former highest state officials.

Representatives of the diplomatic core as well as international organizations and institutions’ high officials attended the ceremony.

The President’s speech reads as follows:


Centuries-long struggle for freedom and country has endowed Montenegro with history of which we must be eternally proud. At the crossroads of civilizations and religions, and amid the needs of the mighty to conquer it and its genuine freedom-loving spirit that does not bend before slavery, Montenegro created history worthy of admiration. The sequence of historical circumstances endowed Montenegro with 13th July as its National Day. On that 13th July 1878 at the Berlin Congress, Montenegro was granted international recognition, and on 13th July 1941, in the great anti-fascist uprising, it launched the restoration of its unfairly lost statehood, which resulted in internationally recognized independence renewed at the referendum of May in 2006.

This year we celebrate the National Day in the year in which we celebrate 200 years from the birth of Petar II Petrović Njegoš - the ruler, poet, philosopher and thinker whose spirit and body made him one in a million. A great personality who belonged to Europe two centuries ago, and who was perceived by Europe as especially valuable. Connection between his life and work and the great personalities of Europe has had a special significance for him and for Montenegro.

Great personalities of the current states of the European Union, in which is our certain future, were an inseparable part of his life. Croatian great personalities such as Ljudevit Gaj and Ban Jelačić, Slovenian Jernej Kopitar and Jožef Tominc, Austrian Ludwig August Frankl, German Heinrich Stieglitz, British John Wilkinson and Archibald Paton, Italian Francesco Dall’ Ongaro, Czech Dušan Lambl, Slovak Ljudevit Štur, are just some of the great personalities with whom Njegoš worked and confirmed his everlastingness. While remaining faithful, alike all the other rulers of the Petrović dynasty before and after him, to the traditionally strong ties with Serbia and Russia, Njegoš intensely and closely linked himself to the great personalities of the Western Europe, recognizing in them the possibility for strong international promotion of Montenegro.

Owing to the intensity of such close ties two centuries ago, Montenegro became a part of the literary, poetic and overall cultural milieu of that part of Europe. The mission of Europeanisation of Montenegro through the testimony of the great personalities of Europe on Montenegro is a precious and irreplaceable mission of Njegoš in recognition of the then values of Montenegro. Being in the works of these and other great personalities through the testimony of the grandeur of Njegoš represents the strongest confirmation of the promotion of the then Montenegro. At the same time, it made it easier for our Prince and King Nikola to promote the greatness of Montenegro and its need to belong to a family of independent states, on the foundation of Njegoš’s values.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here, in our Old Royal Capital of Cetinje, below the mausoleum of Njegoš and his Billiard House, we are obliged to affirm our eternal respect and gratitude that we hold for him. To express admiration for his work, and his activities that gathered not only statesmen and warriors, but also writers, poets, philosophers, philologists and numerous authors in the Billiard, who recognized the value of Montenegro in the grandeur of Njegoš’s works and were willing to help it to become a part of Europe and the entire humanity. That is why our respect for Njegoš is our eternal obligation, and our gratitude for his value is our eternal debt.

Reminding of rich and meaningful connections of the great Njegoš with the great personalities of the present states of the European Union, I will repeat our determination to be a part of the great European family, which we need, and to whose value we can contribute with the achievements of our history, culture and great personalities who built it.


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