July 21, 2013

President Vujanović in Berane
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly of Berane, which was held on the occasion of the Municipality Day.

The President congratulated the holiday to the citizens, councilors, president of the Assembly and President of the Municipality of Berane, expressing his satisfaction over the past activities in Berane.

He stated that renewal of the Petnjica Municipality was significant as a great commitment was fulfilled, that is, Bihor region and Petnjica got a municipality and an opportunity to use the good resources of the region. He pointed out the expectation that Diaspora would have a strong motive for investing and that the new governance of Petnjica would come up with a good way to stimulate the investments and provide for good stimulating measures. All the ones who live outside of Montenegro and whose origin is from the Bihor region will have a good motive to invest in their Bihor, to contribute to development of the really great potentials of nature and take the opportunity to run their own businesses in that region.

The President said that there were important projects also in the field of infrastructure that should be promoted and the business zone, which was put into function, should be promoted as it offered extraordinary conditions for investments and the municipality implemented significant measures to stimulate the investments. The project called the project of the century begun both in Berane and Kolašin, making connection between Berane and Kolašin. Construction of the road is well underway and the way between Berane and Podgorica would be shortened by about forty kilometers. There are also other projects in the field of infrastructure that had a good dynamics and I really want to congratulate to the local governance and the President for everything already done, convinced that these projects, which we planned and which should be implemented through cooperation of Berane, Government and all the entities that have been providing assistance to the local governance, would be realized according to the envisaged dynamics, said the President.

Journalist’s question:
You have forgotten the airport?

Response of the President:
I have not forgotten the airports. I feel that I involved myself too much and said too many positive things and it was expected too much from my part. I did what I could and promoted the project as great and valuable to be supported by the Turkish partners, Turkish state. The project is not related only to Berane but also to the municipalities of this region, to Bjelasica and Komovi. We succeeded to obtain support of the Turkish state, President Gül, Prime Minister Erdogan, whose Government donated a great feasibility study, to transfer the property, which was state and military, to the Berane Municipality, to announce a tender to get a great partner and to stop. I continued with promotion of that project, I think that it is a great need of Berane and in that sense I appeal to the decision-makers. It is not up to me to decide upon it at all. I think that my will, energy and positive contribution have been expressed in a completely clearly.

Journalist’s question:
You have not listened to the Reis?

Response of the President:
I am convinced that all of us in Montenegro recognize that multi-religious harmony is a great value, I would say capital value of Montenegro, along with antifascism and multinational harmony. In that sense, I would like to inform that Montenegro has clearly stated its position as to what happened a century ago in the region of Plav and Gusinje, that it represented an horrible crime committed to the citizens who lived then in this region, and who were Islamic believers, when a great number of them were killed and exiled and baptized by force. It is certainly the dark side of the Montenegrin history which was marked as such at the time of the Kingdom of Montenegro. After that, we have all the time expressed our relation towards the past and pointed out that crime has remained crime which has kept warning us and multinational, multi-religious harmony have represented an obligation, which is a duty of all of us. To that end, this year we have also marked our respect for the victims and condemnation of the crime. I think that the motive of this award was explained also in the statement of the jury and in the words of the President of jury. It was not an ambition in any way whatsoever to treat the crime in a different way by the award. I believe that Reis understood that.

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