August 04, 2013

Berane – Eight Centuries of Spirituality
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended the Solemn Academy held in Berane on the occasion of 800th anniversary of the Monastery Đurđevi stupovi.

Expressing his respect and admiration for the eight-centuries long history of the Monastery Đurđevi stupovi, the President of Montenegro and of the Organizing Committee for celebration of this great jubilee said at the Solemn Academy: “This well-known holy place of ours has had a great and eternal symbolism of spirituality, love of freedom and unity during its eight- centuries long history. Freedom was both won and defended here. Great decisions were made about uprisings and rebellions, victories were celebrated and homage was paid to the victims in this holy object of ours. A message was sent from here that freedom was invincible. That is why this holy object of ours was five times put on fire and devastated as symbol of freedom-loving, it was renewed and consecrated for five times and by value of Christ’s’ resurrection it sent a message of eternal existence, spirituality and indestructibility of the freedom-loving people. 1898 is the year that will remain remembered in the history, this place’s people of faith said by their lives in our monastery that they wanted to protect the monastery, as its value was greater than life and they saved the monastery from the last fire. However, deep and big scars remained in the history of this holy object of ours, which are also the scars that represent a testimony, greatness and value of love of freedom of this region.

This monastery of ours is a symbolism of cultural and educational heritage of the Vasojevići tribe and this part of Montenegro, but also the deep liaisons within Montenegro. Cultural wealth has been created, established and literacy has been brought here during centuries. If this monastery happened not to be the monastery martyr, it would have had one of the richest treasuries of culture. In particular, wealth of Đurđevi stupovi is centuries’ long link with the Cetinje Monastery, which was strongest at the time of the greatest man of this monastery, Prior Mojsije Zečević, sincere friend of Saint Peter of Cetinje and Petar II Petrović Njegoš, whose 200th anniversary of his birth is being celebrated this year. That period marked their great friendship.

This Monastery carries also a great symbolism of closeness of the two old Balkan states - Montenegro and Serbia - closeness of the Montenegrin and Serbian people. It sends a message that we should work for the benefit our two states, our two peoples. Let us be together, let us build the future of Montenegro and Serbia and of Montenegrin and Serbian people together. It is a message of this famous holy object of ours, and I express my admiration for its eight centuries long history”.

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