August 04, 2013

President Vujanović in Plužine
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended today the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly of Plužine, which has been held on the occasion of the Municipality Day.

The President congratulated the holiday to the citizens, councilors, President of the Assembly and President of the Municipality of Plužine, expressing his satisfaction over the activities completed between the two holidays. He said that orientation stated by the President of the Municipality, which was to improve the road infrastructure, was to be respected. It is undoubtedly a condition for development o f Plužine and an opportunity to use the biggest values, especially the agricultural and tourism resources. This is a region which offers great possibilities for development and through a good connection with the Government and entities that support such activities, Plužine have a great development chance.

The President said that he supported also all the plans directed to improving the living conditions in Plužine.

Journalist’s question:
It was announced that Embassy would be open in Kosovo. You emphasized earlier that you did not support signing of a decree on appointment of an ambassador until resolving the issue of Montenegrin national minority in Kosovo. Have you changed your position in that regard?

Response of the President:
My position in that regard remained unchanged. Normative position of Montenegrin minority has to be ensured, which would be recognized through authenticity of its representation. There is great understanding of the authorities of Kosovo in that respect and I have a permanent communication with the President of Kosovo Jahjaga, who announced that the issue would be resolved soon and after it would take place I would complete my obligation as President of the state. I expect that we will have the issue resolved soon and that exchange of Ambassadors would take place.

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