August 08, 2013

President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović responds to the Open Letter of the Sandzak Mufti Muamer Zukorlić
The response of the President Vujanović reads as follows:

Dear Mufti Zukorlić,

With due care and responsibility I have reviewed your open letter, in which you have expressed a protest against, as you stated, inappropriate control by Montenegrin police of several Novi Pazar vehicles conveying Islamic Community’s delegation. Of course, I immediately asked for information, but I consider it necessary to respond to you by an open letter, as well.

I am very pleased that you reminded me of the meeting held on July 27, 2005 with the Islamic Community delegation led by the Reis, Dr. Mustafa Cerić. You faithfully conveyed the content of our conversation, when I assured you that independence of Montenegro and establishment of an international border would not have a negative effect on the usual communication of citizens on both sides of the border. After this reassurance, which was assessed as convincing by the Reis Cerić, he presented to you his expectation that you would not oppose to the independence of Montenegro in the course of the referendum campaign. You made and fulfilled your promise, and I did my best so that my forecast of openness of movement across the border comes true. It really must not impede neither movement across the border, personal, family and business connections of people nor their friendships, habits, customs and all that connects them. Mufti, this is how I experience the borders with all the neighbors. This sincere position of the state policy of Montenegro is also confirmed by, inter alia, the fact that you reminded me of the aforesaid meeting held in Podgorica after more than eight years.

I sent your letter immediately to the Minister of Interior, Raško Konjević, expecting from him to instantly examine its allegations and to reply to me urgently, of which you will be notified immediately.

Cabinet of the President of Montenegro

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