September 04, 2013

Donja Lastva: Vujanović and Josipović - Minorities are bridges of friendship and cooperation
On the second day of the official visit of the President of Croatia Ivo Josipović to Montenegro, Presidents Vujanović and Josipović visited Tivat and Perast.

The Presidents met at the Croatian Centre in Donja Lastva with Croats who live in Montenegro.

Vujanović expressed satisfaction that the President Josipović met with representatives of the Croatian national community within his official visit.
The President said that the obligation of Montenegro is to provide that the Croatian community feels the fullness of living in Montenegro and has strong connections with Croatia, which is a common position.
MontenegroÈs interest is the same as so far - the Croatian community should help the development of Montenegro, and Montenegro provides that the Croats feel the fullness of their Croatian being and connection with Croatia with the intensity that corresponds to their needs.
He pointed out that the policy of Montenegro will continue to support them. Now the Croatian Civic Initiative, a parliamentary party, has its individual presentation. The party has a very constructive relationship within the state policy and has a minister in the government.
The President stated that in respect of restitution, there is equal treatment concerning restitution in Montenegro for all. The goal is to accelerate the implementation of the law. Treatment in relation to restitution will be the same for all and interest of the state is to fully comply with the law.

President Josipović thanked Montenegro which has made a serious step forward in the promotion of the rights of national minorities.
He said that Croatia considered as very important the rights of minorities, but also the position of Croats in other countries. Minority communities in each country are and should be a bridge of friendship between the two countries. This is the case with the Croatian community here in Montenegro. Richness of culture, tradition, connectivity, friendship are values that make all societies and states better. Josipović said that the proximity of Croatia to Montenegro is a positive factor. Cross-border cooperation, is good and will be improved.
In the end, President Josipović thanked Montenegro for caring for the Croatian community and congratulated the representatives of the Croats who nurture and build the Croatian institutions in Montenegro. He emphasized his belief that the good relations between Croatia and Montenegro would continue to thrive.

In addition to representatives of Croatian citizens, the Minister in the Government of Montenegro Marija Vučinović, Mayor of Tivat Dragan Kankaraš, and Mayor of Kotor Maja Ćatović accompanied Presidents Vujanović and Josipović .

Presidents visited Perast after touring the Bay of Kotor.

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