September 17, 2013

Albania, Vujanović at the 5th Regional Summit of Heads of State
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović participated today in the Regional Summit of Heads of State which took place in DurrŽs.

The following is the speech given by President Vujanović:

Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to President Nishani for the excellent organization of the meeting and for the welcome extended.

Regional Summit of Heads of State has proven to promote the closeness of our relations and commitment of our states to dialogue on all issues of regional and wider importance. I am pleased to note that this fifth Summit here in DurrŽs, also affirms these values.

As in all other circumstances, I point out that within the foreign policy of Montenegro, regional policy aims to reaffirm good neighbourly relations, and promote intensive and comprehensive cooperation with all the countries of the region, based on full mutual inter-state respect and achieving of all mutual relations. The lack of open issues in relations with the neighbours and countries in the region, in line with the tradition of our close relations, is a confirmation of the appropriateness of this approach. It is a quality that must pose a genuine ambition for the wider region.

With immense satisfaction, I perceive the progress in the wider region that took place since our last meeting in Budva until today. Croatia»s accession to the European Union is of great importance for the progress of all our states towards membership in this international organization. It is a confirmation of the vitality of the enlargement process of the Union and its commitment to admit all the Western Balkan countries as full members.

Brdo Process, which was initiated on the occasion of celebration of Croatia»s accession to the Union, and was jointly envisaged and founded by Croatia and Slovenia, provides tremendous opportunities for all of our states in all of its three domains of objectives: addressing open issues in the region, the promotion of integration cooperation and implementation of joint projects with the support of the Union. I believe that in order to fulfil the future activities within the Process, we must make every effort to meet the abovementioned expectations of the Union and promote the wider region in the international community as a stable region, focused on harmonious mutual cooperation and general progress. In terms of joint projects, we need to demonstrate flexibility, willingness to compromise and mutual solidarity, guided by the best interest of progress for all.

On this occasion, I wish to express my satisfaction with reaching of the agreement between Belgrade and Prishtina. Courage and responsibility of Kosovo and Serbia, already recognized in the international community, represent a substantial contribution to the stabilization of the Balkans, European integration progress and the image of positive changes in the region, which is a prerequisite for the new positioning of the Balkan states in global politics, as a particular asset concerning the promotion of foreign direct investments, which are important for our economic progress.

Dear friends, let me evaluate our overall mutual cooperation as a worthwhile achievement. Everything we have done so far through a joint effort suggests that we are on the right track. There is still room for improvement and we still have to work continuously on further developments in this field.

According to our compatible integration goals and genuine good neighbourly relations, the cooperation with regard to our European and Euro -Atlantic aspirations, which is otherwise good, should be raised to a fully functional operative level in all fields. Thus, we shall accelerate and consolidate these processes, and also open other rooms for mutual cooperation and cooperation with third countries and associations.

Starting from the premise that our borders which are open for our citizens, exchange of cultural values and business projects, serve to connect rather than to divide our societies, and based on the background of good results, it is necessary to efficiently complete the process of their formal demarcation. In Montenegro, we see therein a clear message to the international community that the times of misgivings in the Balkans belong to the past. Stability is a word that resonates in the media and its further reaffirming is of the utmost importance in all areas. What we gain by this approach is much more than isolated and retrograde aspirations of some circles still living in history.

There is an evident progress in the area of our cooperation in the fight against organized crime and corruption. Of course, we are far from satisfied, but it is necessary to keep up with hard work, in close coordination and synergy of our institutions, on uncompromising elimination of all forms of organized cross-border crime and corruptive processes. These are not only unacceptable unlawful activities, but also a factor of slowing down the socio-economic development and integration processes. Zero tolerance to crime is one of the domestic priorities of Montenegro and we remain fully open for further promotion and implementation of our cooperation in eradication of its cross-border dimension.

I would like to reiterate that joint developmental projects are a precondition for enhancing our cooperation. Good faith, already demonstrated in our previous meetings, must be materialized through concrete mutual agreements for regional projects.

Finally, the messages we send from the summit, alike from the past summits, to the region and wider international community are positive and optimistic. Promotion of our close relations and positive achievements are a good example in the region and contribute to its progress. The bottom-line message is that there is no prosperity without good neighbourly relations in a joint response to common challenges. I am sure that through cooperation we can accelerate the development of individual states and promote the value of the entire region.

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