October 06, 2013

Cathedral – Eternal Peacemaking Mission
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović delivered a speech at the Spiritual Academy on the evening of October 6th, 2013, by which the 1700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan was marked in front of the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in Podgorica.

The Spiritual Academy was attended by four Patriarchs – Kirill of Moscow and all Russia, Ecumenical Bartholomew, Theophilos of Jerusalem, Irinej of Serbia and Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral.

The President’s speech reads as follows:

Dear citizens of Podgorica and Montenegro,
Your Holinesses,
High church and religious dignitaries,
High state and Capital City’s invitees,
Your Excellencies,
Dear guests,

We have gathered tonight here in front of the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ at the Spiritual Academy on the occasion of consecration of this magnificent Cathedral. It has been built persistently and patiently for twenty years in order to become truly unique by its specific quality. This Cathedral is unique, completed in the year when we mark and celebrate the 1700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan, the major and fundamental Edict of Christianity. The Edict which stopped the Christian persecution, which lasted for three centuries, which established that it was life-saving and just that Christians as well as the others, may choose their religion according to their free will. Christianity became an equal religion and coexistence of religions became a basis and guarantee of peace and harmony. Man got the right to freely choose its religion, and without that freedom there is no integral, free, dignified or real man. That is why the Edict of Milan, adopted 1700 years ago, is also an eternal message that should be followed forever.

This Cathedral is unique both in its architectural and construction achievement. Its lower part has been built from the big stone blocks from Montenegro, which clearly show the power, strength, as well as beauty of the Montenegrin stone and which show that this Cathedral is an authentic and recognizable property of Montenegro. The remaining stone and all the materials have been dressed by the artistic and skillful hands of craftsmen and artists, thus creating perfect beauty. We received all that from our friendly orthodox states and others, and that is why this Cathedral is also a value of the Orthodox world in its essence.

This Cathedral is made unique also by the Patriarchs, church and religious dignitaries who did great pleasure to Montenegro to be tonight with us and to consecrate this Cathedral and give it a real dimension. With us Orthodox believers here are also Catholics and members of the Islamic religion and other religions who show what the essence of the Edict of Milan is: that religion is great only if joint, that it coexists and guarantees peace only if we are together. Thank you for being here, for enriching Montenegro, for making it today a center of the Orthodox world.

This Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ is great also because of you, citizens of Montenegro, and our dear guests, whom there has never been more than tonight and tomorrow, who came to show devotion to religion, devotion to coexistence of religions, devotion to greatness and message of this Cathedral. This Holy Cathedral will be visited by all the ones who want to promote peace and harmony, who want to say that all the people were equal regardless of their name, religion or nation and to send message of holy mission of this Cathedral that, first of all and above all, we should respect man in order to respect and love God.

Now, let us rejoice and express respect for those who helped construction and those who made this beauty and who gave eternal peacemaking mission to this eternal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ.

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