October 16, 2013

Brussels, President of Montenegro with the Secretary General of NATO
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović met today with the Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen in the headquarters of NATO in Brussels.

Following the meeting, the President Vujanović and Secretary General of NATO gave media statements:

Secretary General of NATO - Rasmussen said that it was his great pleasure that he could greet the President Vujanović in the headquarters of NATO.

“Montenegro is an important partner for the Alliance and a strong candidate for membership in NATO. In today’s talk we emphasized importance of our political engagement. We spoke about progress in the field of reforms in Montenegro and cooperation of Montenegro and NATO”, he said.

Rasmussen praised the continuous efforts aimed at accession of Montenegro to NATO and EU and congratulated to Montenegro on the implemented reforms.

“Euro-Atlantic integration is a challenging process, but worthwhile. It may be a long process, but it is important to maintain the dynamics of reforms, even in the times of economic difficulties.
That is why I encourage you to continue resolving the challenges we identified together in the Action Plan for Membership – strengthening the rule of law, fight against corruption and organized crime, finding funds for modernization of Montenegrin armed forces and pointing to the public to importance of Euro-Atlantic integration”, said the Secretary General of NATO.

He pointed out “we discussed the NATO’s security agenda in our mission in Afghanistan. We very much appreciate the significant contribution of Montenegro and its promise to assist the Afghan Security Forces both financially and through training programs, which is planned after 2014. The armed forces of Montenegro is engaged in provision of security of NATO base in Mazar-e-Sharif and successfully went through the training program for the Afghan military police in Kabul together with other states of Adriatic Charter.
You cooperate closely with the states from your region in building stability in Afghanistan and strengthening cooperation among yourselves.
Mr. President Vujanović we appreciate the active contribution of Montenegro to security and cooperation in the region of Western Balkans. NATO is strongly dedicated to the region.
We see your future in the Euro-Atlantic family and we are committed to assist you on that path.”

The President Vujanović thanked to the Secretary General of NATO for his assessment and prognosis for Montenegro.

“We express our gratefulness to NATO for the past contribution in the process of integration and your personal contribution. I would like to express absolute readiness of Montenegro to continue with the activities aimed at the membership in NATO as soon as possible, which is our great objective”, pointed out the President Vujanović.

He expressed hope that Montenegro would from month to month be gradually closer to NATO.

“I am certain that Montenegro will be a reliable partner and we would continue with our contribution to regional organizations. We will continue to be in peacekeeping missions, particularly in Afghanistan and as you said our task is to offer support to stability, peace and democracy and to be a reliable partner in such an important mission”, concluded the President Vujanović.

Head of Montenegro’s Mission to NATO, Vesko Garčević, also attended the meeting.

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