November 13, 2013

Vujanović Attends the Ceremonial Session of the Old Royal Capital
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, attended the Ceremonial Session of the Municipal Assembly of Cetinje. He congratulated the holiday to the citizens of Cetinje, councilors, the Speaker of the Municipal Assembly and the Mayor of the Old Royal Capital.
The President expressed his appreciation for what has been done in Cetinje, especially for the creation of new jobs, success of the employment programme, and valorisation of the business zones. He said that he expected that the business zones would provide employment for the projected number of workers. He stated his belief that Cetinje offered incentive measures, which really attract capital and create new jobs.

Journalistís question :
Mr. President, please tell us whether you know what your Security Adviser, Mr. Veselin Veljović does in his free time , and comment on his organizing a gathering of police officers in the camp in Zlatica, without the knowledge of the Police?

Presidentís answer:
The President answered that it was good that the internal control procedure had been launched in order to establish the truth . And that it was important for the internal control to be impartially, professionally and promptly completed. Has stated that it would be good not to burden those in charge of conducting the internal control by statements and not to affect in any way the outcome of these controls. The President said that beyond what the Cabinet had announced and beyond what he had stated in a letter to the Minister of Interior, he saw no need to comment on something and possibly influence the outcome of these internal controls by some comment.

Journalistís question:
How do you comment on the latest case of buying votes in Cetinje? Your colleagues from the local DPS said it was a pre-election manipulation but there is a concrete case of Mr. Zoran Jovićević who said that a DPS official Rajka Kasom brought him a hundred Euros to his home?

Presidentís answer:
The President reiterated what he always says, that elections should be maximally free and fair and, and as for all suspicions regarding the freedom of elections, he called for the institutions of the system to examine and determine the credibility of suspicion and jeopardy to free elections. He stated that, until that is determined to be true and until verified through relevant procedures, this should be left to those who make decisions, to check whether this is so and what is true of it all, if something is true.

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