December 19, 2013

President of Montenegro at the Ceremonial Session of the Capital
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović attended today the ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly of Podgorica, which was held on the occasion of the Day of the Capital.

The President congratulated the holiday to the citizens, councilors, president of the Assembly and Mayor of the Capital praising all that was done in the past period. He emphasized that all the activities performed in the last years in Podgorica transformed it in a Mediterranean town, comfortable for living. Activities performed to improve the infrastructure of the town and to support and assist Podgorica, made it a town comfortable for living, and all of its values will be affirmed in the future.
The President stated his respect for all that the Capital did in terms of social needs and care of the citizens in need, for the structure of pensioners who were granted yesterday a hundred of apartments, for the employees of the town administration and persons who are in social need, with expectation that Podgorica will continue with such development and represent what all of us would like, a role model Capital.

Journalistís question:
Can you make a comment on opening the new chapters, what does it mean for Montenegro?

Response of the President:
First of all, it means recognition for responsibility and seriousness in relation to the negotiations of Montenegro. It means a confirmation that we go along a good and dynamic way; confirmation that all the state authorities and all entities of the society, who participated and assisted in the negotiations, deserved recognition. It is certain that Montenegro is an example of negotiation process, which should be followed. It also means that all the states in our region are encouraged by openness and dynamics of negotiations of Montenegro to intensify their activities and to come closer to the European Union, as well as recognition to the EU that the enlargement process is active and that standards should be achieved in order to be closer to the EU. I am very pleased with the fact that along with the two open chapters and two closed chapters we also received the chapters 23 and 24, which in essence provide the rule of law for the legal state and three new chapters 5, 6 and 20, which will mean activity of all these who will in the process of closing the same achieve our interest, that dynamics on the European way is fast and in line with the needs of the Montenegrin society and Montenegro as a state.

Journalists question:
The Parliament again voted for the Law on KAP, which you returned once. What is your comment?

Response of the President:
I initialed the Law yesterday and fulfilled my constitutional obligation. We shall see what will happen with this Law at the Constitutional Court, since the Government has announced that it would initiate the procedure with the Constitutional Court. I fulfilled my obligation of pointing out to the collision and to point out that it is solely under the authority of the bankruptcy court and that this should have been adhered to. The Parliament communicated its reasons through its perspective. We shall follow further procedures and see how it will end up at the Constitutional Court. I have already conveyed my belief that the Parliament had wanted to find a solution in a good faith, which, in my opinion, entailed an internal collision, and now it remains to be seen what the process of examination of constitutionality of that Law will be like.

Journalistís question:
As for the finding of the internal control of the MoI and Mr. Veljovićís lecture, do you think it is enough that you revoked his membership in the Council for NATO or do you think that some other punishment for his act could follow? Will he still remain at the position of your advisor?

Response of the President:
I explained reasons why I acted in this way, reacting to the substance of his lecture related to the Council for NATO. I think that the procedures were not respected, as assessed by the internal control, and that my reaction to the procedure of scheduling that lecture was adequate, namely, I revoked his membership in that council and appointed Mr. Burzan as my representative in that Council and sent a clear message that the procedure has to be respected. We have to respect the procedures which are so important and valuable, especially in such type of state bodies, that they provoked such a reaction, and I consider that the findings of the internal control are adequate.

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