December 23, 2013

Cetinje, President of Montenegro Presented the FC Lovćen with the Order of Montenegrin Flag
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović presented today in Cetinje the Order of Montenegrin Flag of Second Degree to the Football Club Lovćen.

The President said that the Football Club Lovćen, as our first established football club, celebrates the 100th anniversary this year.
He expressed his respect to the Management of Lovćen, technical staff, footballers and all the ones who devoted themselves to Lovćen to preserve a great and valuable tradition. The President said that this was a year in which we mark a century of existence of the club and a great year not only for our football but the overall sports, and year which at the very end we mark by awarding the Order to Lovćen, which undoubtedly belongs to it, taking into account its successes and tradition it created and its duration and existence in honour of Cetinje, Cetinje sports and Montenegro.

The President pointed out that this was a great jubilee, which undoubtedly obliges all the ones who are associated with Lovćen, Cetinje sports and Cetinje. The award is only a relation initiated by the Mayor and proposed by the Commission for Decorations, and I accepted it with pleasure in order to show once again that we admire century of existence of this great club and that all of us hope that it will continue to exist and act with the aim to be an example of Montenegro.
We hope that Lovćen would be a bright example which will continue to show in this region that football and sports have a value apart from sports, the value contained in football and sports themselves.

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