December 31, 2013

President of Montenegro Congratulates the New Year Holidays
Citizens of Montenegro,

We are at the end of 2013th. The year will be remembered by jubilees, integration and investment successes and realistic expectation that years to come would be better.

This year we marked two centuries of birth of Petar II Petrović Njegoš. The great man whose poetry, anthropology, philosophy and overall depth of knowledge of life and permanent messages became a value of the mankind heritage. The two centuries of pride for the eternal value of Montenegro and all of its generations. Seven decades anniversary of the State Anti-fascist Council of the National Deliberation of Montenegro and Boka, by which begun renewal of unjustly deprived statehood of Montenegro, as well as triumph of antifascism of Montenegro were also marked.

The year in which we conducted intensive negotiations for EU accession is behind us. Along with open and closed chapters related to science and researches as well as education and culture we opened another five chapters, of which 23 and 24 that are related to the rule of law and judiciary are most important. We showed that we were a reliable negotiations partner, example to be followed, as well as that the EU enlargement process is active. The state and society as a whole will devotedly continue the process of European integration for the benefit of all of our citizens. We expect that Montenegro would receive an invitation for membership if the next NATO summit is going to be a summit of enlargement. Thus we will achieve security, economic and political benefits and we would also speed up the European integration.

This was a year of continuation of stalled investments and beginning of new investments. Great projects at our seaside, which were slowed by the economic crisis, continued and construction of new begun. These projects guarantee higher quality of tourist offer, new jobs and better living standard. Beginning of construction of the Highway Podgorica- Mateševo and second block of the power plant in Pljevlja are certain, as well as provision of stronger support for entrepreneurship in agriculture, which will ensure new jobs, particularly in the north. All of this makes certain further economic development and overall progress of Montenegro.

Several great sports successes and promotion of rich cultural heritage continued along with traditional and new cultural events. Good tourist season was significantly supported exactly by our rich culture.

Respected citizens, next days will be dedicated to family and friendly gatherings. These who are not with us, they are in our thoughts with best wishes. First of all, I think of our soldiers in peace-keeping missions, especially in Afghanistan. We are proud that they contribute under our flag to peace and welfare in all the countries in need. In addition, I express my respect to our diplomats and entrepreneurs in the world to whom we are grateful for foreign-policy and economic successes in the international community. Connections with our Diaspora are becoming stronger and more significant with more expressed interest in investments in Montenegro.

The last, but the most important, I wish to all of you good health, personal and family satisfaction, love and tolerance in order to have the new 2014 filled with happiness.

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