January 14, 2014

President of Montenegro presented a Medal of Bravery to Milutin Šoć
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović presented a Medal of Bravery to Milutin Šoć, national kayak team member of Montenegro and our best kayaker, who is a member of KC Svetionik from Podgorica. At the initiative of the Mayor of Podgorica Miomir Mugoša, President assessed that Milutin Šoć did the act of personal courage, which is extraordinary, as with his sacrifice, with a risk of injury, he brought under his control two persons, who attacked an old woman and took her wallet by force using her weakness, and handed them over to the police.

Such an act of bravery and sacrifice is an example which deserves every respect; therefore the President presented Šoć with a Medal of Bravery with pleasure and appreciation.

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