February 04, 2014

Pursuant to Article 95 Para 1 item 10 of the Constitution of Montenegro (“Official Gazette of Montenegro No. 01/07 and 38/13) and pursuant to Article 84 Para 4 of the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro No. 69/03 and “Official Gazette of Montenegro No. 40/08, 39/11 and 46/13) and in accordance with the act on proclamation No. 01-65/14 dated January 21, 2014 “Official Gazette of Montenegro” No. 4/14

The following members of Prosecutorial Council:

1. Stojanka Radović
2. Dražen Burić
3. Nada Bugarin

who have been elected by the Conference of Public Prosecutors, from among the public prosecutors.

This act is to be published in the “Official Gazette of Montenegro”.

Podgorica, February 4, 2014.

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