February 26, 2014

President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović and President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rosen Plevnevliev, who pays an official visit to Montenegro, visited today the Cathedral of St. Tryphon and Maritime Museum in Kotor and had a working lunch with the President and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro.

The President Vujanović emphasized that Montenegro and Bulgaria were connected by the histories which had much in common, by nowadays friendship and closeness as well as by the common future interests. He thanked the President Plevneliev for promotion of the necessity of European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro, which should provide for an ambience to have a better quality of life, higher living standard and better exploitation of our resources. Montenegro has to be a favorable area for investments, these who invest should feel secure because membership in NATO would ensure it. As Bulgaria celebrates ten years anniversary in NATO this year, he also repeated what President Plevneliev’s said yesterday, that macroeconomic data changed and value of economic development improved thanks to NATO. He thanked to the President Plevneliev for transferring such experience and promising sincere promotion of that strategic interest of Montenegro.

The President Vujanović said he was glad that he and the President of Bulgaria Plevneliev promoted brotherly relations between Kotor and Nesebar, the two UNESCO towns that have to show and connect their resources. There is a real chance for establishment of better traffic connections, air lines and maritime connections, in order to connect the Black and Adriatic Sea and ensure better connections of tourist needs and economic cooperation.

He said that 10th anniversary of the great tragedy of Bulgarian students from Svištov, which happened near Bijelo Polje, will be marked in April. That tragic event connected Bijelo Polje and Svištov and showed that we have one more brotherly relation of the two close towns from Montenegro and Bulgaria. We established cooperation; exchange visits and of course build our common future.

President Vujanović emphasized that our joint ambitions were to promote cooperation between cities and to show that Montenegro and Bulgaria were very close and tied and the entire region would become more stable and prosperous through our cooperation.

The President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev thanked to the President Vujanović and all the friends in Montenegro for special hospitality they provided to him.

He expressed his belief that politicians from our region worked a lot in the course of the last 15 years. “My friendship with your President is the best possible and I can only be proud of that fact and I hope that we would do our best to make our peoples, cultures, tourist organizations and enterprises connected and create a joint regional product.

Bulgaria will work day and night - 365 days a year- in order to support the vision of your state leaders as fast as possible, so that you become a member of the dignified EU and NATO family. It will be beneficial to every citizen here in Montenegro,” pointed out Plevneliev.

The President Plevneliev stated that he was convinced that with the European solidarity instruments and with our joint understanding peoples, economies, cultures… will be connected as everything in the Region must be connected by a joint regional product in our joint home. I am convinced that we will succeed in it.”

The President Plevneliev said he must mention and remember the tragedy that happened 10 years ago on the river Lim near Bijelo Polje. Many Bulgarian citizens were then saved by their Montenegrin friends, people who put their own lives at risk in order to rescue their Bulgarian friends, and we cannot forget it.

He emphasized that he was a great optimist for our region. “All of us need to make efforts to connect and develop our countries. The potential is great, our peoples are hospitable, friendly and all the positive things such as culture, economic and tourist cooperation should be promoted.

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