March 20, 2014

Vatican, President of Montenegro Meets Pope Francis
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović paid today an official visit to the Vatican, where he met with the Head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis.

Vujanović expressed his satisfaction over very open, constructive and useful talks with Pope Francis.

"It was a meeting where we together recalled the centuries-long relations between Montenegro and the Vatican, which began with the recognition of the state in 1077, when Mihajlo Vojisavljević was recognized as king in Duklja from which Montenegro emerged, then through a Concordat between Montenegro and the Holy See from the year of 1886, which was the basis for the second Basic agreement that was signed two years ago, " Vujanović said.

The President of Montenegro said that it was noted that one great and worthy saint comes from Montenegro - Leopold Mandić, who promoted good connections between Orthodoxy and Catholicism, and that he was a great ecumenist who devoted his life to help the weak and poor.

"Leopold Mandić is a saint who is highly respected in the Vatican, and whose origins from Montenegro, are much respected," Vujanović said.

Vujanović talked with Pope Francis about current events binding Montenegro and the Vatican, while it was noted with pleasure that the Basic agreement between the two states is being implemented in all contents, and that Montenegro can be a good example of cooperation with the Vatican.

“It was a great pleasure to hear that Pope Francis has a strong emotion towards Montenegro, that the Governor of the Argentine Province of Chaco, Jorge Capitanich, who is native Montenegrin is very respected by and close to Pope, and that in the time when the current Pope was named Bishop - one of the three bishops who declared him, is of Montenegrin origins. All this is something that, in a personal sense, is creating Pope Francis’s favor towards Montenegro", Vujanović said.

It was seen, the President of Montenegro said, very clearly, openly and in a manner that was for every pride that the Pope Francis is very fond of Montenegro and he is ready to promote the greatest values of Montenegro.

Vujanović met at the Vatican with the Secretary of State of the Holy See, Archbishop Pietro Parolin.

"I had long, quality and very comprehensive talks with Secretary of State Parolin, who also, to the same extent, talked about relations between Montenegro and the Vatican," Vujanović said.

The meetings with Pope Francis and Secretary of State Parolin were also attended by the Ambassador of Montenegro to the Holy See Veselin Šuković.

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